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25 August 2011

Glee Project

The night before we saw Glee Live! we were looking for something to get us in the Glee spirit (not that it takes much...) It just happened to be the night of the Glee Project premiere. So we watched and Momma, Daddy and I were hooked :)

My favorites were Damian
He's a cute Irishman with a rockin' accent. He's not the best singer or dancer, but he's such a sweetie and definitely grew a lot duirng the competition.

The adorable, lovable dork. He ended up quitting the competition because he felt that some of the things the show asked him to do conflicted with his Christian values. When he left, he saved his best bro Damian who would have been going home... Such a cute bromance.

And Hannah
Hannah is so awesome. She is so pretty and a fabulous rapper. Who knew? I wish she had made it further (if she'd gotten to the next week she would have made the finals and got a 2-episode role on Glee.)

I didn't get to watch the finale live because my cable wasn't hooked up yet. I made the mistake of going on Twitter Monday morning before watching the finale. I was careful to avoid Cameron and Damian's tweets, but Kevin McHale (Artie) posted something congratulating the winners :(

In the finale, all of the old contestants came back. When Damian saw Cameron and Hannah he said, "The Threesome's back together!" and they all hugged. It was so sweet! Then when it was his final performance he dedicated it to them. This is why I love him!

The final four (Lindsay, Alex, Samuel and Damian!!!) were on stage ready to have the winner announced. Ryan Murphy told Lindsay and Alex that they did not win the Glee Project. Then he told Samuel that he had won the Glee Project. He was all excited and Damian was all sweet and understanding. Then Ryan said, "Damian, you have also won the Glee Project." They both got 7-episode arcs on Glee. Yay for Damian. He was so cute freaking out when he found out he won too! Adorable. They talked about him playing a foreign exchange student that Brittany can never understand :)

Another thing I loved about the Glee Project: Zach Woodlee, the choreographer of Glee and The Glee Project.
He is so adorable. He has the best smile and laugh ever and he is so excitable! I just love him! And when we watched the special features on Lil Sis's Glee DVDs, he was on some of the features. I am sad I won't get to see him every week...

But I'm glad I'll get to see Damian for at least 7 episodes!

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  1. I haven't been watching this, but now I think I have to!


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