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31 January 2013

Tyler Brunsman

Tyler Brunsman

Tyler Brunsman has basically just found time to be in the Potter Musicals. Like Brian Rosenthal, he also had a small cameo in the video at the beginning of Starship. 

In AVPM, Tyler played someone I think you'd find very interesting, Cedric Diggory:

During AVPS, he found himself filling the role of one Mr. Lucius Malfoy, the adopted?, step?, believed? father of Draco, who is a talented dancer/choreographer.
In portraying Malfoy, he found himself in a situation to show off more of his amazing voice in It's Not Over Yet and Guys Like Potter.

You may find it strange that in AVPSY he played the role of Professor Minerva McGonagall.
He also reprised his role of Cedric in a scene I found very surprising...

I find this interview pretty entertaining. Before I watched it I had no particular attachment to Mr. Brunsman, but it sorta made me love him.

He's so adorable! Also he sang with in the Radio City Christmas Spectacular!!!

And I find his teeth to be amazing!

This has absolutely nothing to do with this blog post, but after I found it, I couldn't realize I'd never noticed the similarity before.

Here's the reason I used the words find and found repeatedly in this post...

30 January 2013

The Other Brian

Brian Rosenthal, aka Brosenthal, is today's Starkid of the Day.

Brian played one half of the Professor Quirrel/Voldemort combo in A Very Potter Musical. The part that is not a fragment of a soul, but the part that just wants to plant flowers when he takes over the world and misses the crazy serial killer when he is no longer attached to the back of his head and wonders if OK is good.

In the sequel, Brosenthal didn't get as big of a role. He was Seamus Finnigan and James Potter, both smallish parts.

During Starship, Brosenthal was still in school and so he wasn't able to be in the show. He was however able to be a part of the "Starship Ranger" video that played at the beginning of the show. You can watch the video here.

In AVPSY, he reprised his roles as Seamus and James Potter, including singing as James in the song Everything Ends.

Brosenthal was also a part of the Apovalyptour.

Oh goodness. I was looking through google images pics of Brian and I found this hilarious one of he and Joey at a U of M football game. Joey looks like such a baby!

That's Brosenthal!

29 January 2013

Mr. Brian Holden (aka Brolden)

Brian Holden was nicknamed Brolden to distinguish him from the other Brian in Starkid Brian Rosenthal.

In Starkid's first production, Little White Lies, Brolden played Zach.

He, along with the Langs, wrote AVPM. He didn't act in that musical, but helped write the musical that started it all :) He has also helped write all of Starkid's shows and has helped direct a couple as well.

In A Very Potter Sequel, he played a hilarious Remus Lupin.

In Starship, he portrayed both Junior and Veeto Mosquito. 

For Holy Musical B@man! he was Superman opposite Joe Walker's Batman.

In A Very Potter Senior Year, he played Hagrid contributing to one of the funniest moments during the show, when Darren as Harry sits on Hagrid's lap. Darren could not keep himself together and it was hilarious!

Brian is also suspected to be the one who operates @TeamStarkid's twitter and facebook pages. He is often the one who speaks (narrates?) during Starkid's announcement videos. He'll be a part of their sketch comedy show Airport For Birds, which starts this weekend in Chicago. Can't wait to go see it!!

28 January 2013

Jaime Lyn Awesome!

Jaime Lyn Beatty is another one of the awesome ladies of Starkid. She has simply one of the most fantastic voices ever! So I've decided to just link to a bunch of videos of her wonderful singing voices. She's going to make an album soon, which I'm sure will be awesome.

Sami/Harry from LWL/AVPM

Not Alone from AVPM (Ginny)

Harry Freakin' Potter from AVPS (Rita Skeeter)

The Way I Do which she did not sing in Starship, but did sing on the Apocalyptour

Rogues Are We from Holy Musical B@man (Poison Ivy)

Senior Year from AVPSY (Ginny) (Sadly, when they intro Harry it is in fact not D-Criss singing, he only sang on one song for the soundtrack they put out :(   )

The girl can sing! I can't wait to hear her album.

27 January 2013

BFFs Forever

There are no words for this post. Just pictures and videos that made my little Starkid heart squeal with joy.

Joey and D-Criss together on the Glee Set :D

Darren and his BFF/date for the SAGs, Mr. Joey Richter!

Look at that adorable little face waiting right behind the interview.

Oh, there he is again!

Darren being interviewed on the SAG red carpet. You can totes see Joey in the background. 

Joey checking himself out in the mirror.

Everyone's favorite acorn, plus Joey's ear. Joey, why didn't you scootch out a little so we could see your cute, cute face!

BFFs when Glee's category was announced.

Lil Sis and I seriously sent multiple texts that said, "Ahhhhhhh" to each other tonight :)

P.S. none of these pics are mine. Most were found at the lovely http://adorkabledarrencriss.tumblr.com

Yes, They Do Have Girls in Starkid

Not many, but there are some totally awesome ladies in Starkid!! One of whom is Miss Lauren Lopez.

Sadly she hardly ever gets to look like this while performing. In Little White Lie, she was a blonde (who was dating Darren Criss' character :)

In AVPM, she played Draco Malfoy. And was awesome, despite the fact that she is a woman.
Her Malfoy is fantastic! She somehow makes an 11-year old boy who still wears a diaper funny. She does excellent drawrings and rolls around the floor. 

There is a great video of someone asking Tom Felton, who plays Malfoy in the movies, if he's seen the show and what he thinks of how Malfoy is portrayed. When someone mentions how she rolls around the floor. He says, "She?". It's pretty funny. 

Here's a clip of him later, after he's actually seen it complimenting Lauren on her unique portrayal and mentioning when he met Darren (and Joey) at the Teen Choice Awards or something.

Lauren reprised her role of Draco in AVPS. In Starship, she played Bugette, a female bug with a crush on the main character, Bug.

As well as the rugged Starship Ranger, Taz. 

In Holy Musical B@man, she played Inspector Gordon and of course was again Malfoy in AVPSY.

Lauren is one of several members of Starkid that still live in Chicago. She and a few of the other ladies of Starkid have started a female empowerment-type website called, "Know Your Glow" to promote and encourage young girls to be themselves and boost their self-esteem. 

She also wrote a cookbook called, These Treats Don't Suck: A Gluten Free Cookbook. I haven't read it, because I don't need a gluten-free cookbook, but I hear it's pretty hilarious :)

She's sung songs for Starkid such as: Granger Danger, Voldemore is Going Down, No Way, Days of Summer, Get Up, and This School is Mine.

26 January 2013

The Brothers Lang


Nick and Matt Lang are the masterminds behind all of Team Starkid's success. Nick and Matt (along with Brian Holden) wrote the script for the musical that started it all. They are an incredibly talented writing team, who have written all of Starkid's musicals to date.

Their stories are funny, touching and mocking, but in a loving way. They tease because they care. They weave pop culture references (Zac Efron, The Hunger Games, the new Spiderman series, Taylor Lautner, etc.) into their shows and have jokes that span the course of several shows. Joey's always wearing that sweatband, Sirius tells Harry in AVPS(taking place in Year 1) that you should never tell a girl you like her because it makes her look like an idiot, a sentiment revisted by Ron in AVPM (taking place in Year 2). In short they are geniuses!

Nick has had roles in many of their productions, where Matt prefers to stay on the production side of things.

Nick played the comatose Kevin Bushwald in Little White Lies (Starkid's first venture, a "TV show" they made), Arthur Weasley, Sorty, Scarfy and Mama Umbridge in AVPS, several different bugs in Starship, Robin in Holy Musical B@tman! and Mr. Weasley, Sorty and Scarfy in AVPSY.

Here is is in a funny video that Nick, Darren and Brian Holden made after they posted AVPM, hoping that WB wouldn't sue them for the musical. 

While Lil Sis and I were at Leaky Con we saw both Matt and Nick Lang separately during the ball Saturday night. We did not approach Matt because there was like a line of people to talk to him and he usually seems pretty shy and tries to avoid the spotlight.

After rocking out to "Total Eclipse of the Heart" we left the ballroom and headed out to our car. As we passed through the hotel, I saw a glimpse of a shortish man in a purple sweatsuit. Having seen Nick Lang onstage in said sweatsuit earlier, I pointed him out to Lil Sis. He was just hanging out in the hallway, so we went over to him. We shook his hand and told him how much we loved AVPSY. He thanked us for coming and we were like, umm no, thank you for writing such amazing musicals and sharing your genius with us. OK, that's not exactly what we said, but a toned down version of that. Then we left. One of the biggest regrets of our lives is that we did not ask him for a photo. :( But alas, we were still super stoked to have met one of the founders and masterminds behind Starkid!!!

Please watch this adorable video of some of the members of Team Starkid supporting their friend Eric Kahn Gale's book The Bully Book. Matt Lang tears up and it is so adorable (Around 28:00). Also, there is a funny part that results from the fact that Matt can't see what everyone else is doing (35:00)...

Basically they are they are amazeballs!!!!!!!!! And this is a wonderful pic of some of our favorite Starkids.

25 January 2013

Jo, Joe and Joey

Joe Walker, everybody!

You may know him as Voldemort who loves to sing, dance and fold all his ties, who once said, "You think that killing people will make them like you, but it doesn't, it just, it just, it just makes them dead." A line which he helped write.

Or possibly a part of the male anatomy...

Or as Dolores Umbridge who loves her chill'un enough to kill them, has a crush on an obviously out Dumbledore and wonders if you got her text...

Or the once fierce Commander Up, who fought and was injured in the robot wars and needs to learn to get back up...

Or as the dark, sad, lonely, melancholy knight who blames it all on Alfred and who never had a pony and loved peanuts and shellfish,  once...

Or as a young Tom Riddle, with crazy grandparents, who changed his name and went insane and learned that since life always sucks, always dance....

Or as himself in this awesome episode of the Potion Master's corner where he called out for not being a "real actor...."

Or as the friend who was feeling down that Darren flew to London to go to the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows premiere with him...

Or as himself in this video he made with Jeff Blim and Chris Allen, where he looks much more attractive than I've ever found him (is it the glasses, the hair, him not playing a crazy person, but playing himself??)...

Or from the Tasty Tests videos, where he and Joey play mad scienctists trying to discover what the heck red vines can't do...

Or the mastermind behind the brilliant new musical Shwarma Mia...

Or possibly you didn't know him at all before you read this post :)

24 January 2013

Joey Freakin' Richter

Another day, another Starkid. Today it's the adorable Joey Richter!
Wearing his trademark powder blue headband
In AVPM and the sequel, he was Harry Potter/Darren Criss' BFF Ron Weasley:

In Me and My D***, he played Joey :)
He was the leading bug, Bug, in Starship, during the rehearsal process of which he commuted between Chicago and Ann Arbor, because he was still in school.

And of course he reprised his role of Ron for AVPSY this summer.

He has also done a couple of episodes on the Disney Channel show Jesse. He played Officer Petey and might have made Lil Sis and I watch Jesse a few times...

He's such an adorable little cutie. I love his crooked jaw :)
Also he is amazing in this "Call Me Maybe" video from Leaky Con. I watched it several times a day for like a week after Leaky...

And I love following him on twitter. He's silly and goofy and I just know we would be best friends. He once tweeted about how much he likes washing dishes (which I usually do), how it was one of those days where you wake up and hope you turned into a Newsie overnight (what? I love Newsies). 

He loves his friends and is an awesome singer.  Here's a link to his solo from AVPSY. 
It was awesome!!

And is real life friends with Darren. :) I cannot wait until he shows up on Glee on tonight!!!! Lil Sis and I imagined he and Darren freaking out together when he got the job and how excited they are to be on the same show. Hopefully he will find a way to stick around Glee :)

So excited!!!!!!! My little Starkid heart is so proud of him!!!!!!!!! He's just, just, just, just the best!!!!

23 January 2013


Joe Moses- the second best Severus Snape there is.

Joe Moses played Snape in AVPM, AVPS and AVPSY. He was an amazingly hilarious Snape. Alan Rickman plays such an amazing Snape, that clearly no one could ever do as good of a job, so Joe went the complete opposite direction. His Snape is hilarious, wacky and just plain absurd.

He also did a series of awesome interviews as Snape called Potion Mater's Corner. They were filmed during the vocal recordings of AVPS, with Joe in character as the Potion Master (aka Snape) and other members of the cast as themselves. They are hilarious!!!  Joe Walker's is especially awesome, as is Joey's. Name your favorite website, animal, band, color, store.

Joe also played Krayonder, a Starship Ranger, in Starship. It wasn't a big part, but it's nice to see him as someone other than Snape. 

Joe Moses has also been able to use his Starkid fame to launch a solo career in the form of the Joe Moses One Man Showses. These are roughly one-man sketch shows that he has performed in various locations around the country.  You can buy it on DVD from Ann Arbor T-Shirt Company. He did a show in Michigan this fall, but we were going to see Lil E and Lil C so we missed it. He's hoping to do a tour in 2013, so hopefully he'll come home to Michigan.

He also has a thing for pandas and panda hats.
Which I loved and almost bought at Leaky Con, until people started wearing them during the World Series for Pablo Sandoval... Also, being from Detroit, during the World Series, Joe totally tweeted good luck to the Tigers and stuff and he and D-Criss (a San Fran native) had a joking rivalry via twitter. Sadly, Darren was the victor in that battle.