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15 April 2010

KCMO Day 2

Our second day in KC was baseball gameless, so we decided to check out KC's art museum and sculpture park. Sadly the art mueseum was closed, but we had fun checking out the scupltures outside!

First were the giant badminton birdies!! Such fun. This is my kind of art :)

My dad told me to pretend to be trying to lift it, but you weren't supposed to touch them... this is the result.

This artist's sheep liked to play around this sculpture, so he titled it Sheep.To me it looks like a couple of sheep all right...

Many of the sculptures were created by Henry Moore, who is pretty much my favorite artist now :) *snicker* Here's a link to his wikipedia page. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Henry_Moore Apparently he's sort of a big deal. This was one of Mom's favorite- the aptly named Woman on Snowmobile.

Here are some more of Henry's pieces which be began to be able to identify and guess their titles by the end of the excursion. This is woman standing # something.

And of course- Seated Woman # ____

Mom by a sculpture depicting the relationship between a woman and her child...

We had lots of fun "interpreting" the sculptures, mostly just mocking them, but it was a lovely day out :) and we got to spend time together :) and took some fun/funny picutres... btw that is me trying to illustrate how this sculpture (probs my man H.M., but I don't remember) shows a human figure :)

We also checked out the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum. The Tigs always go there sometime they're in KC. We hope by going on their off day we'd see Rod showing Austin Jackson (aka apple jax) around the place. They weren't there, but it was still cool. Alas no photos allowed and the gift shop was under construction...

Then we went to the Hallmark Visitor's Center- which was free! (p.s the sculpture garden was also free. yay!) Awesome! We got to see some peeps making cards and got to make our own gift bows. Here's my mom hanging with Maxine.

After that we ate at this awesome Italian restaurant on the Plaza, got cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory and ran back to our hotel in the rain. But we got to watch Lost so it was all good.!

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