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18 September 2011

Celebrate Good Times!

As I had company after the game ended putting the Tigers into the playoffs, I didn't watch much of the postgame celebration. We had it on, but I wasn't really focused on it. So the next night after we had a lovely day at the beach, I cuddled up on the couch with a perfect bag of popcorn to watch the coverage I had DVRed.

Here are some of my favorite moments:
-Inge trying to give someone a fist bump, but they went in for a high five.
- Porch was so smiley during his interview. He's so much cuter when he smiles :)
-Can we discuss how ugly the Tigers postseason hats are?
Yeah pretty ugly. Pretty much only Maggs and Papa Grande looked good in them...
-I think it was Santiago with some crazy dance moves! Andy Dirks and Boesch were also putting down some crazy moves.
- There were quite a few awkward hugs during the postgame interviews, including Inge and John Keating, Dave Dombrowski and Ryan Fields and Avila and Rod Allen. Brennan Boesch and Rod Allen actually had a real, nonawkward looking hug.
-In the background during someone else's interview you could see Porch say something that made Avila laugh, I wish I knew what he said.
-Mario looked ridiculous. The collar of his dress shirt was sticking out of his playoff shirt. He looked ridonkulous in his ugly playoff hat (see above)... It was just bad.
- When Donnie Kelly was being interviewed his smile was soooooooooooooooo big. It was so adorable.
- Jim Leyland's postgame interview was amazing. It started with Mario awkwardly leaning against the wall/sitting on Leyland's desk/ resting his hand on the wall. Then Jimmy started talking about the Detroit fans and how the Tigers know that they're going through tough times and hope the Tigers can do them proud. He was all choked up and crying. He can be so tough, but he's such a sweetie at heart. It was cute seeing Mario try to comfort him, patting him on the back a couple of times. (This interview may or may not have made me cry both times I watched it...)
-Someone should have told Ryan Fields that he had a zit on the side of his neck, it kept distracting/grossing me out.
- After Guillen's interview he smiled and it looked just like his Tiger stock photos always do. Apparently it's not that he's not photogenic, his smile is just super awkward...
-I liked how they referred to Ryan Perry as a male model. They were talking about when the Playoff gear would go on sale and said that they were using Ry Ry Jr. as a male model.
-I could identify Magglio when I saw just the back of his neck in the corner of the TV:) and he doesn't have curly locks cascading down his neck to make it easy anymore.
-Phil Coke was such a cutie in his postgame interview. He's a weirdo, but a nice weirdo to have around.
- Some of the plastic that was dividing the locker room into two sections fell down and it looked like Inge was bursting through it from behind.
- Can we also discuss the fact that the last time the Tigers won a division, Porch wasn't even born!!!!!!!!!!!! That is crazy.
Overall the Tigers had a blast dousing each other with champagne and beer and smoking cigars (sad point of the night, seeing Porch smoking....) Everyone was soaked and smiling :)

Except Cabrera. After a couple of well publicized incidents involving alcohol, Cabrera kept himself removed from the celebration. I read that the Tigers had non-alcoholic champagne for him to use, but he chose not to be anywhere near it. He started out hanging out in Jim Leyland's office and then sat at the other end of the clubhouse with a bottle of water. He earned an ounce of respect from me for that. I still don't like him and still won't cheer when he comes up to bat, but I respect that he didn't to be anywhere near the alcohol or even use the non-alcoholic stuff. Kudos to him

I can't wait to see the Tigers celebrate some more!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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