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15 September 2011

Pure Joy

This is one of my very favorite pictures ever. I could watch this moment over and over and over and over and it would still make me smile.

It's Placido Polanco, former Tiger, rounding the bases after Magglio's game-winning walk-off homerun, which put the Tigers in the 2006 World Series. I love how you can see his pure, uninhibited joy. Here he is a grown man, skipping and leaping around the bases, arms thrown in the air. Clearly just joyful. Love it.

Also, it makes my heart happy because Pollie is an amazing player, hardworking, fabulously dependable, kind and adorable. I also love the ridiculous hood he is wearing. I mean, yes I know it is cold in Detroit in December, but.... it just makes me love him all the much more.

Anyway, here's hoping that we get to see this type of pure joy in celebrations the Tigers hope to have this postseason! Good luck boys!

Here's a video of Maggs' homerun. Not the best shots of Pollie jumping, but it just gave me chills...

Please also watch this video, which is of Tigers closer Todd Jones, impersonating Magglio's home run trot during a rain delay.

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