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08 May 2013

April in the D

OK, so technically April in the D is over, as it is May, but this post is about Opening Day, which was during April in the D... so, I think it counts.

It was a beautiful sunny, and actually quite warm for Detroit in April day at the ballpark. We were ready for baseball! And to try to take pictures of the scoreboard the very second it went to black...

That's better! Happy Opening Day! Sadly we weren't in our normal seats, so we didn't get to see all of our baseball family. Plus we had tickets to Saturday, but we got to hang out in a suite instead, so we missed them again. One of these days I'll be home to see them again ;)

American League Champs on the dugouts :)

Lil Sis and I rocking our Tigers hats to keep the sun out of our eyes.

American League Champs banner unveiling

And it's magically, immediately up on the flagpole in the outfield!

Check out the GVSU sign downtown!

It's always fun to hear all of the Tigers players (and coaches and clubhouse guys and rando video guys) to be announced!!

Willie Horton throwing out the first pitch to Jim Price. (In full disclosure, I first started to type Dan Dickerson, why can I never tell these guys apart...)

The Tigers did win, I think, It's been so long ago, I'm not confident in that assertion... Sorry!

Oh, this is actually from Game 2 when we got to hang out in a suite! Which was good because it was soooooooo much colder with no sunshine! We spent the whole game inside, but came out before the game for the ring ceremony.

They handed out everybody's American League Champion rings, which was fun, plus Silver Sluggers to Prince and He-who-must-not-be-named.

Part of the 2012 montage that made me cry on Opening Day, but not the second game!

Handing out the rings.

Here comes Al Alburqurque

Prince's Silver Slugger

It's always good to be back to the ballpark after a long, but shorter than if we hadn't been in the World Series, off season. Go Tigers!

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