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22 February 2010

I Heart YA Books!!!

Ummm can I just say that I love young adult novels, they are amazing!! I also often love YA Sci-Fi novels, even though I usually say that I don't like Sci-Fi. I have decided that I like Sci-Fi when the story is mostly about the people and their stories with the Sci-Fi-ness just being in the background. Like Twilight, I would consider them mostly about the story of Bella and Edward, who just happen to be vampires. I have recently found two such fabulous series!!!

The Mortal Instruments Series (City of Bones, City of Ashes, City of Glass, coming soon- City of Fallen Angels and The Clockword Angel) by Cassandra Clare

For me, these border on being too Sci-Fy-y for me, but I still greatly enjoyed them. They focus on Clary a teenager who lives in the "real world" until her life intersects with the world of Shadow-hunters, vampires, werewolves, Fairies, etc. The stories are really well told with lots of twists and turns. Although I must admit I kind of predicted the final big twist and even when I saw it coming I wasn't happy with it, but I still loved the books.

My first struggle with these books was that there was a lot of Sci-Fi info coming at me in the beginning of the first book and I had a hard time keeping track of it, but towards the middle of the book that tapered off and I was able to get my mind around all of it and I really enjoyed them!

My other point of contention was that I was cheering for the wrong boy. (Spoilers ahead!!!)

I love me some Simon and sadly Clary doesn't. Simon's her hilarious best friend who has always loved Clary, but she doesn't know it. Then she meets the rude, sullen Jace and falls for him :( While reading I felt a lot of empathy for those on Team Jacob, but I can't wait for City of Fallen Angels because Simon will be a more main character! Yay!!

The second series- The Hunger Games!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Hunger Games, Catching Fire and coming soon Mockingjay) by Suzanne Collins

OMG fabulous!!! These stories are sooooooo good, so compelling, you don't want to put them down. While I passed of the Mortal Instruments series to my Sci-Fi buddy as soon as I finished them, I told her I couldn't give her the Hunger Games until I reread them :) I cannot wait for August 24 when the third book comes out!!

These novels are about a future North American society- Panem, which is divided into 12 districts and the Capital. Previously, the 13 districts took part in a rebellion against the Capital, which led to District 13's destruction. As a result, each district must now send one teenager of each gender to compete in the Hunger Games each year. The Hunger Games is a fight to the death. It sounds crazy, but they are fabulous.

Of course there are fabulous young men and lots of romance!!! I <3 Peeta with my whole heart, but there are definitely those who are Team Gale, but whatevs... Busy Bee Lauren http://busybeelauren.blogspot.com/2010/02/my-strange-celebrity-crushes.html thinks she has found the best Peeta.... check him out.

Check out both book series' they are awesomespice!!

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