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14 July 2010

The rest of my Tiger boyfriends

Here's a recap #1 Porch

On to the rest of the list
#2 Brennan Boesch I think this picture sort of makes him look like a leprechaun, but I love him anyways.

He is a rookie this year, but he has been rocking. He is near the lead leaders in batting average and slugging percentage and he's just a rookie!!! Plus he played for the Whitecaps, my home away from home team :) Plus he's gracious and even though he didn't make the all-star team when he totally should have, he didn't mind too much...

#3 Phil Coke aka Truckie He ain't much to look at, but we love him. Actually after we saw him in KC for Opening Day we nicknamed him Truckie because we thought he looked like a truck driver.
Then we learned that he had his hair grown out long and had facial hair in rebellion against the Yankees- the team he had just been traded from which outlaws facial hair and long hair. This made us love him even more.

Lastly, after Joel Zumaya's injury, Phil Coke was so adorable. Zumaya had to come into the game because Coke couldn't get out of the inning. In a post-game interview he was almost in tears saying it was his fault that Zumaya had gotten hurt, because if he had done his job, Zumaya wouldn't have come in :( The reporter, Ryan Fields, tried to tell him he couldn't put that on himself, but it didn't matter, he still felt guilty. So although he's six years older than me, he is one of my Tiger boyfriends.

#4ish- Ryan Perry aka Ry Ry Jr.- He's my on-again/ off-again boyfriend. Usually when he is stinking I call it off. We were off, but then we were at the game the other day and I saw his cute, cute face and changed my mind... for now...
Here is at at *tear, tear* Curtis Granderson's wine tasting/ bachelor auction last year. Such a cute, cute smile. (Sidenote- Porch couldn't be in the bachelor auction because he wasn't twenty-one yet :) He is nicknamed Ry Ry Jr. because I call Ryan Raburn (who I saw out to dinner in KC) Ry Ry and Perry is younger. Also he is Porch's roommate.

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