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09 January 2010

It's Hannah Montana what did you expect?

Lil sis and I recently watched the Hannah Montana movie. We're a bit old to be part of the fandom, but we've watched the show occasionally and admit that if we were 10 we would love her. She's the Lizzie McGuire of this generation. Plus we figured it would be fun and funny and we could mock it. Always a good time.

It was pretty much fine, except it ended really stupidly. (spoilers ahead, beware) Basically the plot is that Miley is tired of trying to be Miley and Hannah. At the end of the movie, Miley volunteers Hannah to sing a concert to save her hometown. At the concert she announces she can't keep living a double life and tells them who she is. A little girl yells that she can still be Hannah and they'll all keep her secret. She says OK and decides to keep being Hannah and Miley.

Wait, but how does that solve anything? Aren't we just right back at the beginning? Lil sis yells out, "That ISN'T a resolution!!!" I crack up because of the awesomeness and truth of her statement :) It really wasn't a resolution. Nothing was solved. She ended up in the same place it started. I guess it gave us more to mock.

Overall it made us laugh and roll our eyes and want to dance, so I guess afternoon well spent. And now we have a fab new movie quote to throw around!

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