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17 January 2010

My Golden Globe Tweets

Here's my feelings about the Golden Globes... via my tweets :) In opposite order, so read from the bottom up... sorry too lazy to reverse them and too sad cause George and Up in the Air lost.

At least some stuff I liked won... Can't wait for Oscar noms so I can see some more movies!!

Boo Avatar.

Well done Golden Globes, it's only 10:55 and you're presenting the final award, let's hope it's Up in the Air

D: So sad George didn't win, love him!

Just realized I never tweeted about Up winning, Yay!

ps Love Sandra's dress too :)

Yay for Sandra Bullock!!! The Blind Side was amazing!!!!!

I love Reese Witherspoon, but I definitely with (500) Days of Summer had won... The Hangover??? really??

Hooray for Glee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I haven't seen all of a Martin Scorsese movie (I think only part of The Aviator) but him tearing up as they talked about him was adorable.

seriously, have you seen Jane Lynch on Glee- amazing!!!! plus that girl, Chloe, seems like a jerk...

thinks that there should be a must be present to win rule... Alec Baldwin...let's give his award to Steve Carell

Gerard Butler and his sexy Irish accent make me want to watch P.S. I Love You really badly!!

awww Drew Barrymore. Love her, her dress- not so much...

woohoo Kevin Bacon! side note- Professor Lockhart's looking a little old...

has seen three of the five performances for best actress in a motion picture comedy/musical. Glad Meryl won for Julie/Julia.

loves her birthday buddy Tom Hanks!!!

is so happy that Juliana Margulies won and loves that she kissed George Clooney on her way up to the stage. :)

loves that Good Burger is a trending topic :)

watching the Golden Globes, hoping stuff that I like wins

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