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04 January 2010

Secret Life

Do you watch Secret Life of the American Teenager? Does it blow your mind? Whenever I watch it I am astounded at the new levels of ridiculousness it rises to. It is horrible in a fabulous sort of way.

A new season premiered tonight. I was trying to catch lil sis up on the past season, since she hadn't watched in awhile. She asked who was dating who. I replied that basically they are all dating each other, because seriously, pretty much every two people of the opposite sex on that show have dated. Craziness. But I love it!

Tonight their school got a new counselor and this conversation ensued between her and a male student.

Male Student- I hear that you got fired from your last job because you slept with a student. And that you got your Ph.D on the internet and that your husband left you for another man.

Female Counselor- First of all, the man my husband left me for was his cousin. Second, there are a lot of really good schools online. Lastly, that student was eighteen before we went to the prom. It was a political statement. Plus we didn't have sex; I just like to dance.

Seriously, this happened. Lil sis and I could barely stand it. It was hilariously crazy!! If you do not watch this show you should, it is insane!! In the most awesome and heinous way. It airs Mondays @ 8 on ABC Family. It is totes worth an hour of my life every week :)

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