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I am a twenty-something second year teacher living in the midwest. I am a Christian woman and proud of it! I am the middle child of three girls. I am the proud aunt of the very beautiful Lil E and Lil C!! I love TV, movies, reading, and baseball. I am in my second year of teaching , but my first year teaching kindergarten. It has been quite the journey!

21 May 2010

Baseball, Baby!

I love me some baseball, well mostly the Tigers :) I’ve been to I think seven games already this season, two of which were in KC!! They have a 6-1 record when I’m there, which is nice.

Here is my list of essential items to take to the game:
A good purse. I like this one because it is a dark color so it won’t show dirt/baseball grime/beer that someone spills on it. Plus it is big enough to hold all of my stuff but not too big that it takes up lots of space.

Your tickets of course! Ours are fun this year because we bought a large enough ticket package that we get the players’ pictures on our tickets :)

All Star ballots we picked up at the last game. We’ve got to get some players representing the D at the All Star game. We take a bunch home with us, punch them out two or three at a time and return them at the next game.

Big League Chew- you never know when you’ll need to throw in a wad to start a rally. It worked in the Tigers 12-inning win over the BoSox last weekend!

I always need extra pencils for keeping score. Somehow I have a habit of dropping/ losing the pencil they give me to keep score with, so I always keep a couple of extra handy in my bag. (Last weekend I dropped my first pencil and the guy next to me noticed and commented that I came prepared. Then I dropped another one underneath his seat, but I just grabbed another one from my purse because I was too embarrassed to ask him for it… A few innings later he reached under his seat and gave it to me!)

The scorecard, which isn’t an essential to bring, but to buy at the stadium. (In KC scorecards are two bucks plus you have to pay a dollar for a full size pencil, in the D a scorecard is a dollar and a golf pencil is free!) One year my dad bought me a whole scorebook that I could just bring with me to every game, but it just wasn’t the same. That scorebook doesn’t give you fun “This Day in Tigers History” facts or list all of the players heights, weights and hometowns so you can play “Guess the lightest player.”

Go Tigers!

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