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02 May 2010

I love me some headbands

If you've never checked out Busy Bee Lauren's headbands before, you definitely should! Her headbands are amazingspice!!!! I currently own four and have bought an adorable one for my future niece :)

I recently received two very wonderful headbands in the mail...

I love how Lauren packages the headbands, they're always in such cute tissue paper!

Then you unwrap the tissue paper to find two of my favorite headbands ever- Peeta and Troy named after two of my favorite (and Lauren's favorite) fictional heroes.

Here's Peeta!!! I love me some Peeta and I love the headband Lauren created with him as inspiration.

Here it is on, from the front:
and from the top:

I also ordered the Troy Bolton, inspired by Zac Efron's character in High School Musical- Love him! Again, Lauren captured him perfectly.

Front angle:

Top angle:

I can't wait to see what Lauren creates next!!

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