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05 June 2010

The True American Idol

Last weekend, lil sis and I made a trek across the state to attend the Lifehouse/Daughtry concert! We loved Chris Daughtry on American Idol (he totes should have won; Taylor Hicks beat him, seriously??? that is not cool).

We met up at a friend's apartment and walked downtown for dinner. We went to this custom burger place. I had a chicken burger with swiss cheese, lettuce and bacon. Delish! Plus my order didn't come out with everyone else's so it was free! Plus they had awesome fries. My friend's roomie ordered ostrich meat. It pretty much tasted like beef, which was kinda disappointing.

Then lil sis and I walked to the concert, which was really nice becuase we didn't have to pay to park! Big Thanks to Laura for letting us crash at her place :)

When we got to our seats lil sis and I had a two person row! We were in the corner so there were only two seats in our row, which was nice cause no one got up and walked in front of us.

I hadn't been to a concert in a long time, so I wasn't sure what I should wear. But I ended up with my cutest dark jeans, a brown tank top and some fun gold jewelery (my New Moon gold motorcycle necklace :) And of course my new yellow wedges!

The opening, opening act was Cavo.
They were pretty good, I'm not rushing out to buy (or download) their CD, but they were entertaining.

Then we waited while they changed the stage for Lifehouse...
They were really good! They played about 9 songs, four or five of which we knew. It would have been better if we'd known more of the songs on their new album, but all of the songs/ performances were good!

Then came Daughtry!!
Again we probably only knew about 1/2 - 2/3 of the songs, but it was a really good show! I would definitely recommend it!!

This is the girl from one section over who was dancing all night! Until security made her move :(

After approx. five awkward minutes after Daughtry left the stage and some people left the arena and some people were waiting for an encore... Daughtry came back out for two more songs. During "Home" the lead singer of Lifehouse, Jason, came out and sang, which was cool.

Then we walked back to Laura's apartment and crashed for the night. The next day we headed back across the state, in two cars, which was kinda fun :)

Then we bought tickets to see the Backstreet Boys in June :D

p.s. is a list of concerts I have been too
1) Faith Hill/Tim McGraw- my friend got free tix the day of because it was going to be a TV special and they had to fill all of the seats
2) O-Town- yup I am that awesome
3) Clay Aiken/ Kelly Clarkson- I really wish I had cared more about Kelly Clarkson at this point, because now I really like her music
4) Clay Aiken - yes, again...
5) Josh Gracin- he was the homecoming conert at school one year, plus he's from Michigan!
6)TransSiberian Orchestra- awesome, but very loud, wear earplugs
7) Daughtry/Lifehouse- see above

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