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02 June 2010


I'm not sure I can even express in words what I am feeling right now. My beloved Tigers (specifically Armando Galarraga) pitched a Perfect Game tonight, which was blown by a horrible call by an umpire. With two outs in the eighth the umpire called a guy safe, when he was clearly out, ruining Gaga's perfect game.

My family freaked out. We were yelling cause he got it and then yelling because they said he hadn't. Heartbreaking.

It was such an exciting game until then. After Apple Jax's amazing catch to the start the ninth my heart was beating out of my chest. It was intense. Then my heart stopped. My heart aches so badly for Galarraga. Honestly that will probably NEVER happen to him again.

He was such a classy guy, a good sport and a cutie pie in his postgame interview. After the guy was called safe he had a tiny smile on his face, which he later said was due to nervousness/confusion. But he buckled down and got the 28th straight batter. He was a class act in his postgame interview. Cracking a smile and laughing. He joked that he'll have a couple more perfect games. And said he belives he got a perfect game and no matter what the record books show he'll tell his son he got a perfect game. He was also perfectly gracious to the blown call umpire. He even said, "Nobody's perfect." Which was really cute considering Gaga was tonight (p.s. I nicknamed him that long before Lady Gaga).

This poster on freep.com sums up my feelings towards the ump best: "Dear Mr. Joyce, you made a terrible call, and you cost a young man a perfect game. I do give you a lot of credit for actually doing the right thing after the game, and watching the replay, and admitting your mistake. I truly believe this was an accidentally blown call, and all human beings make mistakes. Its a shame that it happened in a situation like this. Don't get me wrong, I'm still ultra-PO'd at you, but i hope that no one does anything silly toward you or your family. I hope there is some way for MLB to try to make this right, and turn it into the first ever 28 out perfect game in history."

I know the guy's human, but he screwed up.

The Tigs all said they think Gaga got a perfect game and they gave him a beer shower anyway which is really cute. Laird clearly learned a lot at his anger management classes since he didn't punch anyone, although one post I read said he should have done us all a favor and decked the ump so Laird would have gotten suspended for the rest of the season :)

I know that MLB probs won't overturn the call, but in our hearts and minds Armando was perfect tonight!!

p.s. Yo Ken Griffey Jr. Imma let you finish, but I gotta say that Galarraga had the best baseball story of the whole day. The Whole Day.

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