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29 November 2010

It's Christmas Time in the City

It is a Bean Family tradition that we chop down our Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving. This year was no different.

We headed to the Christmas Tree forest all bundled up, as it was about 27 degrees out and flurrying! We looked around for a few minutes, not really seeing anything good. Then we found a couple of decent prospects, but nothing to write home about. We had almost decided on another tree, when I saw IT. IT was a little bare in places, but tall and skinny (just what works in the space we have). So we chopped it!

Then comes the fun part. We got it home and had our annual Height Guessing Contest. Momma came out the winner at exactly 13ft! We have very tall ceilings in our family room, so we get very tall trees!!

It was Lil Sis' year to put the star on top, but since the tree is so tall, we have to put the star on before we stand up the tree.

But the tree was soooooooo tall that the star was scraping on our very tall ceilings... So we had to lower it down and chop a bit off the top...
And then stand the tree back up. Then the moment of truth, cutting the twine that holds the tree. One year it took us hours to get the tree re-balanced after we cut the twine, so we're always nervous for this part.

Even though the star was still touching the ceiling...

Then Daddy climbed up to the highest step on the extension ladder, the yellow one, well above the step that says "Do not go above this step," while I held on for dear life and pretended he wasn't up that high, to put the lights on. We got extra large bulbs this year, which are very pretty.

Finally it was time for ornaments! Well, after a lunch of leftover Thanksgiving appetizers :) It is tradition that Lil Sis puts the Winnie the Pooh ornament on the tree first.

Momma and Daddy get in on the action.

All done!

Well... except for the annual trying on of the Christmas tree skirt!

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