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07 November 2010

You got hit by a deer?

Rory: Oh my god, I just got hit by a deer!
Lane: You hit a deer?
Rory: No, I got hit by a deer!

This was me on Tuesday on the way to school. Yes, I got hit by a deer, while more specifically, my car got hit by a deer!!! So scary. Luckily my friend J was in the car with me otherwise I probably would have freaked out.

It was still darkish out and we were coming down a hill and there it was. Thankfully it only hit the mirror and both J and I are fine. God was definitely looking out for us! But still so scary.

Then we had to head off to school and teach all day. My CT was so sweet about it, making sure that I was OK and all right to teach, which I was.

p.s. The deer ran into the woods, so hopefully it's OK.

p.p.s. the next morning we hadn't even made it out of my neighborhood when a rabbit ran in front of the car. It was pretty ridiculous. I'm pretty sure that this is proof that God has a sense of humor.

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