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08 January 2011

The Chronic- What? -cles of Narnia!

For our annual New Year's Girls Movie Day while Daddy Watches Football, this year we chose to see The Dawn Treader, the third movie in the Chronicles of Narnia. We, three girls, had all seen the previous two and loved them, but Momma hadn't seen either. She was fine with us just telling her about them, but I wanted her to see them first. (Plus I wanted to see them again, so I remembered everything.)

So, the night of Dec. 30th we all watched The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe.

Love this movie! Lil Sis and I originally saw it in theaters with our friends Lauren and Katlyn who just happen to be sisters as well. We had such fun, goofy time. We went to Pizza Hut afterwards and could not stop giggling :)

Also I love James McAvoy as Mr. Tumnus. The best!

And I love the names the kids are crowned with at the end. High Queen Susan of the Southern Sea and all that. Good times.

We were all off doing different things New Year's Eve, so we couldn't watch Prince Caspian then. After a long search for Prince Caspian at the local video store (I searched under practically every category in the Ps (children, family, Disney, New Releases... nothing) until finally I realized that since Eclipse was under the Ts for the Twilight Saga: Eclipse that Prince Caspian was probably in the Cs for the Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian.

Momma and I somehow managed to squeeze in a viewing of Prince Caspian just before we left for the 5:45 showing of the Dawn Treader.

I love this movie too. Prince Caspian is the bombdotcom. Love his accent, such a cutie! Yes please!

I love going to the movies, the popcorn, the ICEES, the huge screen. Good times. I really liked Dawn Treader.

The kid who played Eustace was so good at being annoying. The special effects were good. I would have liked more of the older kids, but I know that is following the books, so I can't complain. And of course I like me some Prince Caspian.

There was this five-ish year old boy sitting on the other side of Momma who kept asking his mom questions throughout the movie. Lil Sis and I thought he was adorable (the first time a faun came on scream, he said, "Mr. Tumnus!) and he knew a lot of the characters for being five. But Momma was really annoyed by him because I guess his Mom kept answering his questions and threatening to make him leave and stuff, that we couldn't hear... oops.

I love watching these movies and looking for the Christian influence and symbolism. I wrote a paper in college about the Christian perspectives in The L, The W, and the W and it is really interesting to me. Very good stuff.

Check out this video from SNL about the Chronicles of Narnia, which inspired this blog's title

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