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I am a twenty-something second year teacher living in the midwest. I am a Christian woman and proud of it! I am the middle child of three girls. I am the proud aunt of the very beautiful Lil E and Lil C!! I love TV, movies, reading, and baseball. I am in my second year of teaching , but my first year teaching kindergarten. It has been quite the journey!

14 January 2011

I am Grateful For...

I am Grateful for... books!

I love books so much. Sitting on the couch or a bed, cuddled up with a good book is the best. Laying out on the beach, reading a book to the sound of the gentle waves is also the best!

It breaks my heart when I tell my students that it is time to read and they groan. And I tell them this. That I love to read and that I hope they do too, because I love books so much.

At school this week we were talking about needs and wants and one of the students said she needed books. I agreed, I NEED books. My life would not be nearly as full without them!

I have always loved books and reading. I can still remember the first book that I ever read by myself. It was a Richard Scary anthology. The good old stories of Mr. Dr. Doctor and Mrs. Dr. Doctor and their friends in Busy Town. I remember going around to all of my relatives at a family party reading each person a different story :)

My copy of The Golden Spiral arrived yesterday. I can't wait to get started, but I'm in the middle of re-reading I Am Number Four before the movie comes out. After the Golden Spiral I also want to re-read Clockwork Angel and maybe the Gemma Doyle trilogy... So many books, so little time.

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