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30 January 2011

Oscar Double Feature 2011

As I wrote about here, it is my tradition to go to the movies and see a double feature of movies nominated for Oscars. Well, Oscar nominations came out Tuesday and so the Third Annual Jillibean Oscar Double Feature happened on Saturday!

The past two years I've gone to see the movies on my own, because I couldn't convince my friends to go see two Oscar contenders with me. But this year, since I'm back home with the fam, I had some company.

I had a tough time deciding what I wanted to see this year. My first year I saw Revolutionary Road and Slumdog Millionaire. Last year I saw Invictus and Crazy Heart. I loved all of them except Revolutionary Road.

This year I really wanted to see The King's Speech so that was a must. I have heard nothing but wonderful things about it. I had a super difficult time choosing between True Grit and The Fighter. Momma and Daddy had already seen True Grit without me, but I love Jeff Bridges and for some reason it just looks really good to me. But I love Christian Bale and have heard wonderful things about the Fighter. Eventually I made Lil Sis choose which one she'd rather go see. She chose the Fighter. The King's Speech was rated R, but only for swearing that happens as a part of his therapy. The Fighter I believe is also R, again, just for language, but not as part of any therapy :) Both of them are tremendous movies though, so you should definitely see them both!!

Daddy decided that he wanted to see the Fighter with us, but Momma stayed home, but they both wanted to see the King's Speech. So we go to the theater and bought three tix for The Fighter and four for The King's Speech. I think the ticket guy thought we were crazy... We also got a huge popcorn and ICEEs and planned to take full advantage of the free refills :)

I loved the Fighter. It was a beautiful story with wonderful actors and not too much boxing :) The basic story is that Micky (Mark Wahlberg) is a boxer, who is trained by his brother, Dickey, a former boxer and current druggie/loser. After Dickey gets into some trouble and Micky meets a nice girl (Amy Adams) he decides to get some real trainers and keep fighting. Then there's some boxing... but not too much, really.

I love Christian Bale and he was excellent as Dickey Ecklund, a washed up boxer who's now a druggie. It was sad to see Christian bale as a druggie/crazyface. I much prefer to see him this way...

Or especially this way...

... but his acting was excellent!!

Amy Adams was in it too. Love her! I couldn't find a good picture of her (i.e. one where she was covered up) that I liked so I used this one from Enchanted (also because it has Patrick Dempsey in it...) She was wonderful as Micky Ward's girlfriend.

It was a great movie, I would definitely recommend it.

Then Daddy went home to hang out for a bit and Lil Sis and I sat around the theater for 2 hours until The King's Speech started. We could have left to shop or something, but then we couldn't get free refills on our popcorn and ICEEs. So we sat by the arcade and chatted/people watched.

While we were waiting Lil Sis asked why I kept calling Mark Wahlberg, Marky Mark. Because that was his rapper name of course! She didn't know that he used to be a rapper named Marky Mark, so I had to google him on my new smartphone. Did you know that in addition to being Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch, he was also an original member of NKOTB with his brother, before he left (because he didn't like their bubble gum pop image) and was replaced by Joey McIntyre? The things you learn chilling at the movie theater.

Then we got refills and headed in to The King's Speech. Momma and Daddy met us. When they got their Lil Sis and I were the youngest people in the theater by about 30 years. Once Momma and Daddy got there they were probs the next youngest people... until a like twelve year old boy came in.

I love, love, loved The King's Speech!!! It was beautiful, the story was very moving, the acting excellent. If you haven't already seen it, go see it now! I'll wait...

The movie is about Albert, the Duke of York, son of the King of England, set between the two world wars. He has a terrible stammer; the movie starts with him struggling mightily through a speech. I seriously wanted to reach through the screen and give him a big hug as he nervously awaited his turn to speak :( He starts meeting with a speech therapist who has some unconventional methods to try to help him. Eventually after some death and mishagosh, he becomes king, at which point he really needs his stammer to be gone, like yesterday.

Collin Firth is stupendous as Bertie, aka the Duke of York, aka King George VI. He made you so sympathetic and empathetic towards Bertie. And did an amazing job making the stutter sound real. Give him the Oscar already!!

I didn't find it at all strange seeing

but Lil Sis couldn't help thinking "You killed Sirius!" every time she saw her...

We all loved both movies and would definitely recommend them. But really both movies were so wonderfully done, everyone should see them!!! The Oscars are Feb. 27th so there is still plenty of time to see them. I'll have seen at least 5/10 Best Picture Nominations :)

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