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13 January 2011

I heart award shows

The Golden Globes are on this weekend. If you hadn't noticed from this post or this post or this one) I love awards shows.

I love the fashion on the red carpet. I love (some of) the celebrities. I love movies and TV, so it makes sense. Even though they usually make me really mad because the stuff I love doesn't win...

The past two years I've done an Oscar Double Feature a couple of weeks before the Oscars, where I go to see two Oscar contenders back to back. Lots of fun. I'm just starting to think about which movies I want to see this year. I really want to see the King's Speech, but I'm not sure that it's playing around me...

Anyways, here are my picks for the Golden Globes this weekend.
Best Motion Picture Drama: The Social Network, because it's the only one I've seen, plus it was a good movie.

Best Actress in a Movie Drama: Natalie Portman, because I've heard that she's awesome in Black Swan (could never see the movie...) plus I love her

Best Actor in a Movie Drama: I'd be OK with either the Facebook guy or James Franco (love him).

Best Movie Comedy: I haven't seen any of them, but I want to see The Kids Are All Right, so I'll go with that...

Best Actress in a Movie Comedy: I'd be happy with either Emma Stone for Easy A (also she'd be a great Katniss) or Anne Hathaway in Love and Other Drugs.

Best Actor in a Movie Comedy: Jake Gyllenhall, would like it better if he was still dating Taylor Swift and brought her as his date...

Best Animated Feature: Toy Story 3, duh! But also love Tangled and Despicable Me.

Best Supporting Actress in Movie: Amy Adams- Loved her since Enchanted.

Best Supporting Actor in Movie: Christian Bale *sigh* Laurie

Best Original Song: There's a Place for Us, Chronicles of Narnia, The Dawn Treader. Loved the movie, love Carrie Underwood.

Best Television Series Drama: The Good Wife! So good, plus I just read that America Ferrera is going to guest star on three episodes :)

Best Actress Drama Series: Juliana Marguiles. This E.R. alum is the best.

Best Actor Drama Series:Hugh Laurie, since this is the only show I've actually seen.

Best Series Comedy/Musical: Glee!!!!!!!

Best Actress Comedy/Musical: I'd say Lea Michele, but I don't really think that she's probably the best actress in the category...

Best Actor Comedy/Musical: Steve Carell, it is his last season after all.

Best Mini-series/TV Movie: Temple Grandin, so good.

Best Actress in a MS/TV Movie: Claire Danes, such an amazing performance!

Best Supporting Actress TV: Jane Lynch. Best. Ever.

Best Supporting Actor TV: Chris Colfer for I Wanna Hold Your Hand. But if Chris Noth won I wouldn't be disappointed. Team Florrick.

Hopefully they'll all win!

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