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03 March 2013

Adventure is Out There!

Today after thoroughly cleaning my apartment, grocery shopping and getting school stuff ready for the week, I decided that I deserved a reward, in the form of relaxing while watching a good movie: Up.

I love the movie Up. It is Pixar at it's finest. It is visually beautiful, as well as ver funny, while telling a poignant story. Kids enjoy it and so can adults. There is a surface level story that appeals to kids and a deeper one that appeals to adults. The characters are lovable and adorable and funny. I mean look at Russell

and tell me that he isn't the cutest thing ever.

 I laughed out loud several times and cried during two different points in the movie. It is just so excellent. That montage at the beginning, chronicling Carl and Ellie's adventures together, get me every time. The opening notes began playing and my eyes were already tearing up. I read somewhere that that is the world's greatest love story told in five minutes and with no words, and it is the truth. We should all be so blessed to find our Carl (or Ellie). Then, near the end, when Carl finds that Ellie has filled the Adventure Book with photos of their life together. Man, I couldn't make it through it without crying, again... Such a touching and beautiful story.

I mean, I can't even... They're so adorable.

I went and saw Up in theaters with Lil Sis and her then boy-friend, now fiance, Kev. We had so much fun. It was really the first time the three of us had spent time together. We rocked our 3-D glasses and teased Kev with the line "Kevin's a girl?" relentlessly. Good memories. It was the first of many fun and crazy times the three of us have spent together :)

Now, I am planning Lil Sis's wedding shower and of course I am going with an Up theme. I am so excited about this shower; it is going to be epic. I went on a shower planning tear this weekend, which probably contributed to my strong desire to watch Up today. I can't wait!!

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