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26 March 2013


Oh, AVPSY. You were just as amazing (if not more) watching you again on my little laptop in my apartment. OK, maybe watching you live with a couple thousand Starkids was better. But I could see and hear a little better via the internet.

Before the show, Darren went sorta crazy on twitter. He was posting a lot about how awesome AVPSY was. He doesn't normally post much about Starkid, as not all of his Glee fans care, but he didn't care that night.

  1. Yeah, that's right, I'm replying and retweeting the shit outta this biatch... What can I say, I'm excited for tonight! Who's got questions?

  2. If any of you following me don't know what AVPSY is- look it up, along with TeamStarkid. You won't regret it. It's a big deal for me.

  3. Alright all you Starkids- now that it's March 15th, who's pumped for the long-awaited release of ? TONIGHT's the NIGHT!

It made my little Starkid heart so very happy!

As this is a Starkid show, AVPSY was about 20 minutes late being posted online, but after 7 months, what's 20 minutes... Lil Sis and I got about 3 minutes off from each other while watching, so she would text me between videos and I wouldn't be there quite yet... I got two pieces of Red Vines stuck in my throat at various times during the evening and even my Squirt couldn't get them out.

The taped show lasted about 3 1/2 hours instead of the almost 4 1/2 it was live. Lil Sis and I did notice a few things that were cut from the posted show (Damian, Tom Riddle's Anti-Christ Friend; part of the flashback scene at the Riddle's house; Harry picking Ron as his campaign manager; the Candy Lady's campaign sign, etc.) but nothing major.

It turned out that the technical difficulties that so delayed the posting online were Darren's mic not working. They literally had to crank up the volume on other people's mics to get his audio and then splice that in. His audio sounded off and there was a lot of background noise, but you could hear him, so I think they worked miracles!

During the live show at Leaky Con the first couple of scenes were hard to hear, but things got much better as the show went on. I'm still not quite sure that I can organize my thoughts into any kind of organized post, but here are some of my thoughts, links to other people's thoughts, etc. that is saved in a word document on my computer as AVPSY Feels.

I loved that Evanna Lynch, the "real" Luna from the movies, played Luna in AVPSY. I can't believe she was allowed to :) She's friends with some of the Starkids.

I loved that so many jokes and lines were brought back from old shows. I loved when Draco talked about going to Pigfarts during their third year and when other characters would start talking about  the years between the other shows and this one, but it would just fade out.

The joke about how Hermione looked different now (since it was a different actress) was great and Meredith did a nice job, but I couldn't help missing Bonnie.

Sure some of the songs (The School is Mine, especially) were pretty rough, but dude Darren and Joe blew I Was out of the water as did Joey with Sidekick. Considering the time they had, it was fantabulous!

I loved the times that they broke character or messed up. Brian as Hagrid, bouncing Darren and Darren not being able to hold it together. Perfection. The whole mess with the tie. Upon re-watching, I'm still not quite sure how Darren managed to get his tie so mangled, but he did and we all loved him for it. It's enough to make you want to buy this shirt.

One of my favorite lines from the show, which Dumbledore says to Tom Riddle. "Sometimes you accidentally kill your family. You know who killed his sister, while fighting with his boyfriend? This guy."

From about Act 2 Scene 5 till the end I was in full tilt ugly cry mode. The scene when Ron tries to convince Harry to come back to Hogwarts and starts getting all emotional, ah, it slayed me.

"Cool doesn’t come from other people, it comes from you." Also Joey killed it on Sidekick. Amazeballs.

The Marauders coming back onstage and singing to Harry. The revelation that Lily is with Cedric in Heaven. While watching it live, I was so excited because I thought Snape was going to come out and then it was Tyler as Cedric and I just died. All of the find jokes "If it's not broken, don't find a way to fix it." "I guess I'm your Heavenly Father, eh Potter." Tyler as Cedric is awesome. Then Snape did come out and gave that great speech about choosing how you go and making choices because it's the right thing to do. So great.

Harry reprising "Going back to Hogwarts" was so great! I was so hoping that they would pull it out again and it didn't disappoint. And then Days of Summer with all of the actors crying real tears. The Langs in a Post-AVPSY interview said that the end was designed to make you cry and the rest of the show was setting up the end. :)

Darren standing alone on the stage, facing the audience, saying "It's been totally awesome" not in his Harry Potter voice, but in his own voice. I am dead.

But then he comes back out with his "son" and sings "You Get to Go Hogwarts" and any semblance of calm that I had gathered at the video change was gone. The way he pumps his fist and can barely get through those lines/song. His eyes filled with tears. No fair.

Then Quirrell and Voldemort come back and give their speech about how sometimes you have to move on from even Harry Potter. OK is wonderful. So is bawling your eyes out over an internet musical.

Harry Potter gave me a new family. He taught me how to love and I guess that’s kinda what Harry Potter’s all about. But you know, there comes a time when you have to move on, Quirrell. A time when we have to let even Harry Potter go, and that’s okay.

Here is a note I found on tumblr:

Dear All Fandoms.
You may think you’re crazy for crying over fictional death. But at least your not crying over the fictional death of a scarf.
The Starkid Fandom

Yes, we all cried when The Scarf of Sexual Preference, aka Scarfy, died. He's such a poor, defenseless scarf and he didn't deserve to die :)

The whole ending when "Harry" aka Darren was saying good-bye to all of his friends was so real. Everyone was in tears, but then I see this gif with Joey in the background tearing up and I lose it.

Here's another note from tumblr "I’m not crying, I just have a Starkid musical in my eye."

This pretty much sums it up.

I was in a little bit of a post-avpsy depression the next day, but I chose to adopt Dr. Seuss' wonderful advice. Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened (and that you got to see it live and again on youtube).

Now we can start getting excited for Twisted, Starkid's new show which is opening in July!!!!

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