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19 August 2010

Eat Pray Love Yourself :)

I went to see Eat Pray Love with a super good friend of mine this evening. I loved the movie! It had romance, cute boys, beautiful scenery, humor, a happy ending and some girl power.

One of my favorite parts was when Liz (Julia Roberts' character) was in Italy eating pizza at a restaurant with a friend. Her friend stopped eating after one piece because she was getting a muffin top. Liz told her to enjoy the rest of the pizza because it didn't matter if she gained a few pounds, they would just buy bigger jeans.

Liz gains weight in Italy, but she still looks beautiful and *spoiler* ends up with a gorgeous guy, who loves her for who she is. He tells her that from far away she looks slender and elegant, but up close she's rounder and fleshier, but he still thinks she's beautiful.

It just reminds me that the 5-10 pounds I've gained since going to college isn't a big deal. Is it going to stop the right guy from being with me? No. Is it going to make me dramatically healthier? No. Is it going to make me a better person? No. Will it make me happier? Maybe. But so does eating chocolate...

So I'm not going to be ashamed or feel guilty that I ate popcorn for dinner tonight, or that I'm going to have pizza for lunch tomorrow, or that last Friday I ate two cupcakes.

But I'm also going to enjoy a whole wheat waffle for breakfast tomorrow, enjoy a whole wheat bun on my grilled chicken sandwich at McDonald's much better than a stick-in-your-teeth white bun I'd get at Wendy's and a delightful wheat wrap stuffed with chicken, cheese, lettuce and cucumbers, I'll eat strawberries and bananas, corn and peas because they taste good and they're good for me.

I'll take walks in the evening, and play tag at work, and Dance with the Stars because it's fun and good for me, but I won't feel bad that I don't wake up 1 1/2 early before I got to school/work which is 45 minutes away this fall, because sleep is more important.

And maybe my pants size will stay a little higher than I'd like and I'll be bothered by the way my thighs look in a bathing suit, but I'll dress in clothes that make me feel cute and sophisticated, I'll look in the mirror and see the beauty, not just the flaws and (as Lil Sis used to say) I'll have fat, but I'll be happy. :)

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