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27 August 2010

I am grateful for... "The Book" Friends

(In case you haven't noticed, I'm doing a "I'm grateful for..." post every Friday. Thank goodness it's Friday and thank goodness for ...)

I am so thankful for the great group of girlfriends that I've been able to keep in contact with since high school. The summer before our freshman year of college we bought a large notebook and decided that we would write about what was happening in our lives and then send it around to the rest of the girls, so we could keep up on what was happening in each others lives. Yes, we got the idea from Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants :) We made a big list of rules and took ourselves very seriously.
Of course we got caught up in the busyness that was college and our "Keep The Book for only three days" rule kind of bit the dust. We've had our ups and downs and pretty much ditched The Book, as it was referred to, but still get together twice a year and refer to ourselves as The Book Group or The Book girls, with The Book always capitalized! We always have party every summer and another at Christmastime. We used to do a Secret Santa drawing at Christmas, but last year we donated money to a local children's charity. Whenever we get together, we have sooo much fun, playing games, talking, eating, laughing...

It's hard to believe that the original Book party was four years ago. Now we're scattering even farther apart. Some of us have graduated college, some are still plugging away. Some of us have moved home and some of us have moved out of state, but we've been able to maintain a relationship, which I am so grateful for. These girls have gotten me through some tough times and shared some of my most favorite memories!!!

Tonight is our annual summer party. This summer our schedules didn't really mesh well and we will only have half of our ten girls at the party, which is sad, but we're all busy girls!!

I love these girlies so much!!!
Can't wait to see Stef, Lauren, Angela and Jessie tonight! We'll be missing Holly, Natalie, Steph, Deirdre and Robyn. God has truly blessed me with some amazing friends!!!

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