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17 August 2010

Finding Your Inner Princess

Saturday was Lil Sis's last day at home before going back to college and leaving me alone with Momma and Daddy. We did some fun stuff: swimming, playing games, but nothing too exciting. So I decided to plan Lil Sis a rockin' going away princess party!

We had already planned to watch the Disney Channel Movie- Princess Protection Program, starring Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez! so I planned the party around that. I only had 1 1/2 hours while she and Momma went to church to do the planning, but I think it turned out awesome!

First I headed to our local grocery store in search of "princess foods," mostly Princess fruit snacks and Princess faces Teddy Grahams. But alas, our small town grocery store is not Meijer and I couldn't find either. So instead I bought Donettes (our movie marathon/pajama party junk food of choice) and some Princessy sugary cake topper things.

Then I headed to the Family Dollar down the road and got $1 princess necklaces, a princess coloring book, a princess puzzle and Disney Princess golf! for under $6 bucks. Altogether I spent about ten bucks.

Luckily we already had some supplies at home! I set up the party in the basement. I put the Disney Princess puzzle on a fold out table.
Here's the coloring book-
Then I set out the jewelry I'd bought with our miscellaneous Pretty, Pretty, Princess jewelry and a couple random crowns I found in Lil Sis's room.
I replaced our Detroit Tigers blanket with a pretty purple quilt and throw pillow...
...set up the golf course...
...and got some movies ready, Princess Protection Program of course, along with The Princess Diaries, The Prince and Me, and A Cinderella Story...
... And then the best part, the food!
I covered our little workout trampoline with part of a leftover roll of purple table cloth from Big Sis's baby shower. Then I added a piece of silver fabric from our old trunk of dress-up clothes. I set out some fancy glasses (which we drank Diet Sprite mixed with lemonade packets, delish!), a bowl of Donettes, a bowl of Animal Crackers with a bowl of chocolate frosting, and a bowl with a bag of Pretzel M&Ms in it. I felt it needed a little something extra so I added some purple shiny Easter grass to the "table."
Then I went upstairs and frosted some chocolate cupcakes I had leftover from an activity at work on Friday. I added the sugary Princess Decorations and arranged them on a tray. I also added a bag of regular M&Ms and half a bag of chocolate chips to the Pretzel M&Ms to make a chocolate trial mix!
Right after I finished Lil Sis and Momma arrived home early from church!
We had lots of fun coloring, eating, doing the puzzle, wearing jewelry and watching movies- Princess Diaries and PPP. We very much enjoyed PPP even though it was at times very unbelievable. For a Disney Channel Movie what do you expect? My fav. line was, "I'd rather eat carbs, than see her wearing my crown!"

I'm missin' my Lil Sis already!!!

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