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04 February 2013

Airport for Birds

Lil Sis and I had a lovely Airport for Birds weekend, once she braved the snowy, yucky roads to make it to my apartment :)

On Friday, we had a snow day, so instead of coming to school to meet my kiddos, we lounged around, went shopping and enjoyed our snow day!

Saturday we left pretty early to go see Big Sis, Bro-in-Law, Lil E and Lil C. We had so much fun playing with them. Lil E was so excited to see us and we were so excited to see her!!!

Sunday we left for Chicago several hours early. After Lil Sis's difficult trek to see me, we wanted to leave lots of extra time. 

We got to the parking garage about two hours before the door opened for the show. So we found a Starbucks to hang out in for a couple of hours. We sipped our hot chocolate and kept our eyes peeled for any Starkids who may have needed a shot of caffeine before the show started. Just as we had decided that they should probably be at the theater by now, Lil Sis says, "Uh, Jeff Blim..." I quickly turned to see him walk past the window we were sitting next to. Jeff is a newer addition to Team Starkid. He played the villain, Sweet Tooth, in Holy Musical B@man and was in AVPSY, as well. We were pretty excited.

We had purchased VIP tickets, so that we got early priority seating (and a signed program). As we walked in we saw Denise Donovan and Jaime Lyn Beatty walking around and again were super excited! We got in the theater (?) and were seated in the front row. 

We were literally three feet max from the stage. We each bought a "And Other Ideas" journal from the merch table. We shared some chicken fingers and mozzarella sticks. 

Lil Sis had heard that one of the Starkid's friends, Eric Kahn Gale, author of The Bully Book, was supposed to be at the show. So we were looking all over for him, so that he could sign her book. We couldn't find him, so Lil Sis tweeted him and asked if he was there. During intermission, she checked her tweets and he had replied to her! Sadly, he said he wasn't there, but it was still awesome that he responded :)

The show was fantastic!!! There was one particular skit that literally made me laugh til I cried. It was so awesome to see all of the Starkids up close and personal. Most of the skits were hilarious, a few were not so much, but it was so much fun!!! Lil Sis and I remarked how happy we were to be back with "our people." We experienced the same thing at Leaky Con, being surrounded by people who loved and understood this phenomenon that no one else we know in real life cares about is something we're not used to. Being around people who understand why Red Vines are totally awesome and that Hermione can't draw was really nice.

After the show, they held a Q & A session. Lil Sis and I could not think of an intelligent question, but it was still fun. It was cool to see the Starkids as themselves. Of couse someone asked when AVPSY would be out and of course they didn't know, but it was lots of fun.

 When it was over, we headed to the lobby and after a trip to the bathroom, Jeff Blim had come out into the lobby! Lil Sis and I rushed over and got our pictures taken with him. 
Lil Sis's looks great!

Not sure what happened here...

He was so nice and sweet signing autographs and taking pictures with everybody! Then we went back off to the side. An older couple with a younger (our ageish) daughter and their parents were standing near us. The mom said, "Look at everyone wanting his picture and autographs." It was Jeff's family! They were so cute and proud and couldn't believe that so many people wanted pictures with him. It was adorable!

We decided to wait two more minutes and if no one else good came out, we'd leave. Well, we ended up staying longer and we're so glad we did! We ended up meeting six of the Starkids and could have met more.

Two very excited sisters with the insanely sweet and insanely talented Jaime Lyn Beatty. She asked us where we were from and was excited when we told her Michigan.

Me with Lauren Lopez, who is much shorter than I expected. I knew she was short, but she makes me look tall and I was hunched over a little...

When Lil Sis went to get her picture taken, Lauren noticed her engagement ring and got so excited, asking if she was engaged and when she got engaged. It was so sweet and nice!!!

Here's a really nice picture of Lil Sis with Joe Walker (aka Voldemort)

And again, mine is sorta weird... It must be me.

Meeting Denise Donovan for the second time.

The first picture Lil Sis tried to take ended up with some guy's head in front of my face, so Denise insisted that we take another one.

The last Starkid we met was Brian Holden. We were right next to him, ready to jump in and ask for a picture, when he went to get someone's coat from the coat check room. The big crowd was standing in front of the coat check and she couldn't make it, so he went to get her coat for her. It was soooooo nice! I don't think he even knew her :) 

I think our overall impression was how amazingly nice and genuine everyone seemed. They all came out and were taking pictures and giving autographs, even when I'm sure they had other places to be. Some of them even had their family there, but were taking time to hang out with us. And people were having real conversations with them (see our convo with Lauren Lopez) about their interests. They were all just incredibly sweet and all thanked us for coming. When we left we were on cloud nine! I think we could have floated home, but alas we had to drive... It's still hard to adequately describe how we felt and how excited we were!!! Especially, as I'm going on about 5 hours of sleep and a full day of work, coupled with a slight post-Starkid funk, which always occurs after being surrounded by "our people," experiencing an amazing Starkid show and then being thrust back into the real world. :)

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