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11 February 2013

Oscar Double Feature 2013, Part Deux

I was soooooooooo excited to see a commercial this week advertising that Argo was being released on iTunes and Amazon Video on Friday. I have been wanting to see it so badly, especially after it won the Golden Globe and SAG Awards, but it wasn't showing in any theaters anymore. I knew that I definitely needed to watch it before the Oscars in two weeks.

While perusing the local theater's showtimes, hoping that Argo would somehow make a comeback, I saw that they were showing The Impossible, another Oscar contender I was really wanting to see. I decided to check it out this weekend, pretty last minute. (Spoilers Ahead!)

Several hours later, I'm not sure that I will be able to accurately describe my feelings for this movie; there were a lot of them. I thought it was amazingly well done. The acting was superb, from Naomi Watts to Ewan McGregor to the adorable little guys playing their sons. I am a complete Jennifer Lawrence fan and have been rooting for her all awards season, but Naomi Watts did such a superb job in this movie that I am inclined to root for her as well. My heart is divided.

The movie was at times devastating, excruciating, terrifying and joyful. I cried equal amounts of tears of joy and sadness. The scenes of the tsunami  hitting were insane. It was unthinkable to imagine what that experience was like. I was amazed with the mom and oldest son, Lucas' strength to not only save themselves, but to rescue another little boy, Daniel as well. When Maria was being pulled across the wreckage by their rescuer, I felt like I could physically feel her pain. I couldn't imagine the choice the dad made to leave his sons to search for his wife and Lucas, but it was an impossible (pun totally intended) decision. Then when those two little boys saw Lucas across the way and they all started screaming each other's names, I couldn't take it. Tears were streaming down my already tear-streaked face. Then, when they saw their dad and they were all hugging, I pretty much lost it, as did most everyone in the theater by the sounds of it. I'm pretty sure that will be my go to scene if I ever need a good cry.

It was an amazing film, but if you have any sort of fear of water or drowning, as Momma does, you should not see it. I texted Momma afterwards that it was a great movie, but she should not see it. The scenes of the water hitting were pretty intense and not for the faint of heart.

I left struck by all of the tiny details that had to fall into place for them to meet up again. Simon having to get off the transport truck to use the bathroom. Lucas spotting his dad, but losing him in the chase, leading him to meet up with the brothers. That the dad was at the hospital on the exact same day that the boys transport was passing through. I was left wondering if that was true to life or a little bit of movie magic. Either way, clearly they had someone watching over them for them all to be reunited.

When I got back, I decided that it was as good a night as any to watch Argo. I hoped it was also On Demand, but it wasn't, so I settled in with my laptop :)

It was also a great movie! I didn't know much about the story or even the hostage crisis as I was not born when it happened. Just simply learning the story was fascinating and the movie was excellent as well. As is started and protesters were just jumping the fences, I couldn't believe there wasn't more security, but I guess it was a different time. 

Ben Affleck was awesome. I thought John Goodman and Alan Arkin were also excellent. John Goodman is one of those actors, that I always think, "I love him for some reason, but I can't really remember what it is." Then, I remember it is that he was Fred in the Flintstones movie. :) 

It was another example of a movie that maintained the intensity and suspense, despite the fact that I already knew the ending. I experienced that during many of the nominated movies I've seen this year, Lincoln, Zero Dark Thirty and both of today's movies. My heart was racing so fast during the scenes in the airport and when they were rushing to board the plane as the Iranians were discovering their identities. I kept telling myself, "you know that they get out fine, you know they're OK," but it was still intense. I guess that is a sign of a great movie, if you already know the ending, but it still brings about such strong emotions. During the scenes at the hospital in The Impossible, as they kept passing each other and not seeing each other, I was yelling in my head, "Turn around, He's right there, No go down the stairs! Why did he pull that curtain around her bed????" Even though I knew it would all turn out all right in the end.

I was again wondering how much of Argo was 100% accurate and what was the truth being stretched. Were there really police cars chasing their plane down the runway? There was a little documentary at the end of the movie on Amazon Video. They were interviewing the real-life houseguests and they didn't really mention that part of the story. But even if the truth was stretched a bit, it was still an amazing escape. 

Both movies were fantastic and I hope they both do well at the Oscars!!!

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