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01 February 2013

Meredith and Denise

I've always considered Meredith and Denise as sort of Starkid joiners, because they weren't in the first two Potter musicals, but have been in pretty much everything else. I realize that Meredith actually was in Little White Lie, but still, for me AVPM is the real start of Starkid...

Both ladies made their Starkid debuts in Starship with pretty big roles. Meredith played MegaGirl

And Denise was Starship Ranger Februar

In Holy Musical B@man! they both played random villians...

In A Very Potter Senior Year, Meredith took over for the absent Bonnie Grueson as Hermione,

Honestly, I had to look up who Denise played, Wikipedia lists her as Mrs. Cole. Is that Tom Riddle's Grandma? Maybe. Otherwise I have no idea...

But the best part of Denise at LeakyCon/AVPSY, was when we met her!! Lil Sis and I had just spent a bajillion years hanging around the Starkid Merchandise booth trying to decide what the heck we wanted/needed to buy. We finally decided and got in line. As I was waiting at the cash register, I look over in my peripheral vision, I see Denise standing next to me chatting with one of the guys working at the booth. Lil Sis nudged me and was like, "do you know who's next to you??" and I was like, "yes." Denise asked the worker if it was OK if she hung out for awhile. 

We finished paying and she was still hanging around talking to a few people. We had to wait while they made our shirts, so we went over and joined them. Amy got her autograph on her LeakyCon pass lanyard thing. It was cool though, because she was just standing around talking to people and just hung out for like 15 minutes. Plus, this was our first day there and our first Starkid encounter, so that just made it even more awesome! 

P.S. I am listening to the Tyler Brunsman interview I linked to yesterday as I write this post :)

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