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14 February 2013

Thoughts on Glee

Glee seriously always has good Valentine's Day episodes. Silly Love Songs- adorable. Blaine's velvet, heart-shaped eye patch- adorable. This year was no exception; it was quite a crazy episode, but there was so much great about it.

I was so excited to see that Ryan Murphy's recent tweet about Blaine and Kurt making out during the wedding ep was in fact true, though not quite the reunion I was hoping for. They were so cute together during the whole episode. Their musical number was so fun. I loved when Blaine was turned around pretending to be kissing someone. So great! Happy Blaine in the hotel room. :) I love happy Blaine, there has been too much sad Blaine this season.

I loved Kurt's "chat" with Tina. I had seen a picture of them talking earlier this week and thought, "Kurt has a look on his face like, 'Gurl, you are crazy. Why are you crushing on my man?'" I could just tell that he was going to set her straight. "Did you vapo-rape my ex-boyfriend?" And him straight up calling her a creeper, which is what we've all been thinking for weeks... Kurt was my hero in this episode, well except when he didn't want to really get back together with Blaine, but at least in that scene he was my hero.

I'm sad to say that the whole Emma and Will not getting married, sorta seemed secondary to all of the other storylines...

The whole Marley/Jake/Ryder (or Flynn Rider as I affectionately refer to him) thing was pretty predictable. I was so glad that Marley didn't go through with it with Jake. I was yelling at her the whole time. I do like Jake, but I feel so bad for Ryder. He's such a sweetie, plus I liked him on the Glee Project, which probs helps. I think that Jake could totally tell something was up during that last group number.

The whole scene with Rachel and Finn and she loves me, she loves me not, was pretty cute. Brody is such a disgusting creeper. I don't see how Rachel doesn't see it. She is walking all over a guy who loves her and letting a creeper walk all over her... This is not the Rachel Berry I know. Also, was that scene when Brody said he watched weight-lifting videos but was really leaving a room with a wad of cash insinuating that he is a prostitute? At first I thought he was sleeping with one, but upon further contemplation it seemed more likely that he is the one getting paid. I am not knowledgeable on the subject matter, but that seemed to be the implication to me. Then when Rachel was looking through the date book, I thought she was going to be seeing his "appointments." Guess not.

My prediction regarding the pregnancy test is thus: Rachel is pregnant, the baby is Brody's, she realizes he is a dirty, rotten scumbag and leaves him, she goes back to Finn, who is a great guy and agrees to be with her and raise Brody's baby with her. Just putting it out there so that when it happens, I can claim credit.

Random tidbits- loved how Sam went out with all of the single ladies during the boquet toss. I really also loved Sue in this episode. I don't remember her exact comments, but she had some good ones at the beginning regarding Finn being Mr. Schu's best friend... Kurt and Blaine dancing was adorable and there is no way that anyone (not even Rachel Berry) would have been jumping up and down dancing in those crazy heels she was wearing at the wedding.  It was cool to see Ali from the Glee Project as Artie's new love interest, but honestly when I knew she was going to be on, I was more sad that it wasn't Nellie or Michael from last year...

:( that there is no new episode for three weeks!!! Why do you do this to us Fox??? Why???

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