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02 March 2011

AI Boyfriends

When I was in high school I watched American Idol religiously. I was a major Clay Aiken fan (when he was still a geeky nerd)
and my little 14-year old heart was crushed when he lost.

This was before he started looking like a creepster...

After Chris Daughtry failed to make it far in the competition and Taylor Hicks won I lost interest. I mean please, look at what Chris Daughtry has gone on to do; he's had tons of popular songs...

I mean I went to see Daughtry's concert last year. Who is going to see Taylor Hicks in concert? No one.

Also I left for college and none of my roomies watched it, so it fell off my viewing list.

Momma and Daddy continued to watch it, so I would catch the end of the season. I knew that when I was home for the whole season, I would get sucked in. I tried to watch The Good Wife and White Collar from Tuesday nights on Wednesday nights online instead of watching AI. But one week, White Collar wasn't online, so I watched the end of AI. The next week I didn't even watch the Good Wife online until after Idol was over. I was sucked back in like I knew I would be.

I'm sure there will be times I get annoyed and frustrated with how America votes, but in the wise words of Bruno Tonioli, "You can't moan, if you don't phone." But for now, here are my two fav. guys. They both make my heart so very happy.

Scotty McCreery-

This guy is 17 years old and has the deepest voice ever. He is a fabulous country singer. I would probably buy his CD even though the only type of country I like is poppy Taylor Swift/ Carrie Underwood country. But he is that good.

Also he felt horrible after 15-year old cutie pie Jacee got kicked out of Scotty's group during the group round. He felt so bad and it was very sincere. Made me like him even more.

The cute little faces he was making as he sang last night, paired with his gorgeous deep voice- love him! I wish I could find a video of his performance from last night, but there isn't one up yet, so enjoy his audition :)

Paul McDonald-

His unique voice, his stellar smile, his quirky dancing, his style- they make me swoon. I could listen/watch this guy sing all day!!! So attractive.

Here is video of him the night they sang the Beatles- aka the night I fell for him.  Such an interesting and unique voice!

His performance this week was stellar too, but again, not posted online yet...

I hope they make it far. Who are you rooting for?

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