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16 March 2011

The Amazingness that is Harry Potter World

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We had soooooooooooooooo much fun at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter!!! It was so perfect and epic and awesome! It was one of the best of Lil Sis' and my lives :) So very very fun.

When we first got into the park (right when the gates open of course) we rushed straight to the Harry Potter island. Well we tried to run, but about halfway there one of us got a cramp and we had to slow down... (hint as to who got a cramp, Lil Sis is training for a 5K...)

When we got through the gate in Hogsmeade *squee* we were literally skipping down the brick lane! It looked sooooooo very perfect, but we couldn't stop and take it in because we were rushing towards Hogwarts and the ride inside- The Forbidden Journey. When we got to the start of the line we had to put all of our stuff in a locker, but it's nice because they time the lockers so that you get the wait time for the ride plus about 15 minutes for free, after that you have to pay, but it's nice that they adjust the time you get free based on how long you'll have to wait...

The line for the Forbidden Journey is awesome, because you get to travel through Hogwarts as you wait in line.
The Mirror of Erised

Mandrakes in the Herbology greenhouse!

House points :)

The tapestry marking the entrance to the room of requirement.

The statue at the entrance to Dumbledore's Office.

These portraits were moving and talking to each other. So sweet!

Inside Dumbledore's office, Dumbledore was talking to us, but you can't see him in the picture.

Hanging with Ron, Harry and Hermione in the DADA room.

The portrait of the fat lady outside the Gryffindor Tower.

Inside the Gryffindor Common Room

The sorting hat!!

Then we got to the ride. It was awesome! You're basically sitting in a row of four seats that travels around the castle on adventures- flying away from dragons, fighting dementors, getting attacked by the Whomping Willow and Aragog. It's a mixture of moving on the track and video screens. The Whomping Willow and spiders, etc are also real. You get dragon's breath and spider saliva sprayed on you :) It was epic.

After that we went on the Flight of the Hippogriff ride. The wait was only five minutes. Score! Hagrid's Hut!

More of Hagrid's Hut.

Lil Sis and I waiting in line :)

It was a pretty fun ride, low intensity, a mine-ride type feeling.

Next we headed over to the Dragon Challenge, which is actually two racing dragon-themed coasters. Lil Sis had never been on a upside-down roller coaster, but she was determined to do it, since she had to go on all the rides at Harry Potter World! We had to put all of our stuff in a locker again. I left my camera, but Lil Sis brought hers.

There was some fun stuff to look at along the way as well. Me next to a Cedric Diggory banner. There were banners celebrating all of the champions leading up to the ride.

An awesome pic of Lil Sis with Hogwarts in the background!!

The Weasley's Flying Car

The Goblet of Fire :)

The Triwizard Cup, watch out, it's a Portkey.

After this, we were basically walking through a cave tunnel. It was dark and narrow and kind of claustrophicy. Once we came around a corner and were like, ooh whats around this corner, expecting something cool... it was a drinking fountain...

When we had just one group of people left in front of us to get on the ride. They said that there would be a slight delay. Then a cleaning person came out to clean off the roller coaster, I guess someone puked on it. Lil Sis was a little freaked out. But eventually we got on. We had to stow our flip flops under our shirts and then pull the safety restraints down, because our feet were dangly and we didn't want them to fall off.

It was so much fun. I love the Raptor at Cedar Point and the Dragon Challenge ride was a lot like the Raptor- feet dangling, lots of upside down fun :) We went on the blue track first, then we went and got a new lockers and got in line for the red track. The blue track goes upside down in a loop more times, but the blue track does more upside down twists, if that makes any sense...

This post as become super long and we haven't even gotten to lunch and the sun coming up and warming us up, so I'll have to do the rest of the day in another post :)

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