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15 March 2011

Lil Sis and I take Florida, Part 1

Lil Sis and I were fortunate enough to have a 5-day escape from the wintery weather to beautiful, sunny Florida!!! It was Lil Sis' spring break and I took three days off of work because we'd planned the trip when I thought I wouldn't have a job...

It was such a fun trip! Sunny, warm, baseball, Harry Potter, fabulous.

We split our time between Tigers spring training games and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter (I know you're jealous :). First I'll document our time with our Tigers and save the WWoHP for another post.

When we got into town Saturday afternoon we decided to head over to Joker Marchant Stadium where the Tigers play, just to look around and get pictures when no one else was there. I thought I knew where I was going since I'd been to Lakeland before, but I got us lost without the GPS or our map... Luckily we used the GPS on my phone. We took some pics and were headed back to our car when two buses pulled into the parking lot. We stopped and saw that players were getting off of the buses! They were returning from an away game.

We were kind of far away and sadly couldn't really id anyone definitively. Also we looked like mega creepers just standing there watching the players unload and get in their cars...

We're pretty sure that we saw Miguel Cabrera wearing a man purse get into a car with Ramon Santiago (since he can't drive after his DUI...). Miguel was watching us and staring at us at they drove away... We're also 99% sure we saw Austin Jackson go to his car. We wanted to get autographs, but weren't totally sure it was him, lost opportunity. Of course we immediately called Momma to see who had been at the game, but it was too late. But it kind of turned out OK that we got lost...

The next day we headed to our first game. The forecast called for a chance of rain :( But luckily the last scary, dark cloud passed over us just before the game started. We felt probably 5 drops total. Then the sun came out and there was pretty blue sky over the palm trees.

The Tigers have a sweet feature in their spring training park- The Berm. It is a grassy hill in the outfield that you can buy cheap tickets for and just sprawl out in the grass and watch the game.

Why yes that is me with my feet in the grass :)

The game was lots of fun too! The Tigers won with a walk-off hit in the bottom of the ninth, pretty exciting for a spring training game!

Me chillin' on the Berm.

Lil Sis taking in the game.

Brandon, oh how I've missed you and your high socks since September.


My boy, Clete :) So happy to see him back and healthy!!

The second game we went to we bought seats. They were great seats, especially if Inge had been playing third... Look how close we were, to Ramon Santiago... Plus you had to pay really close attention to sit there in case foul balls come a-flyin', so after a couple innings we moved back to the berm. Because sometimes you just want to relax in the sun with your feet in the grass.
The Tigers lost, but I got to see my main man Maggs- so it was all good-

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