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07 March 2011

Paris part deux

Welcome my friends to Paris!

Here have a flower on me

Forget where you're from

You're in France, children, come

I'll show you that French joie de vivre

Paris holds the key to your heart

and all of Paris plays a part

Just stroll two by two

Down what we call la rue

Ooh la la....
Ooh la la....

Paris holds the key to l'amour

And not even Freud knows the cure

There is love in the air at the Follies Bergere.

The French have it down to an art,

Paris holds the key to your heart.

When you're feeling blue come to Le Moulin.

When your heart says don't, the French say do.

When you think you can't, you'll find you can can.

Everyone can can can, you can can too!

Paris holds the key to her past.

Yes, Princess, I found You at last.

No more pretend, you'll be gone at the end.

Paris holds the key to your heart.

You'll be "tres jolie" and so smart!

Come dance through the night.

And forget all your woes.

The city of light where a rose is a rose.

And one never knows what will start,

Paris holds the key to her heart!

The second half of our second day in Paris we visited Notre Dame. If you ever go there, please go to the side of the church and get in line for the gargoyle tour, you will not regret it. It costs like ten euros (the inside of the cathedral is free), but it is soooooooooo worth it. The view of the city is beautiful and you can literally touch the gargoyles! Fabulous.

Then we walked through the church, just as Mass was getting ready to start, so we decided to stay for Mass. It was incredible. I got a copy of the bulleting which had the readings in English and French. So I read that over in both languages to get an idea of what they would be about and then could follow them pretty well when they were read in French. It was an amazing experience!!

Sunday we hit the Louvre. Of course we saw our girl Mona and the Venus de Milo, which were wonderful. I really wanted to see Gnome with Snail after I saw it in the brochure, but it was kind of disappointing (it was my catboat...) Then we checked out a few shops and headed to the train station. Paris holds the key to my heart!!!

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