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19 January 2013

A Day of Shopping

Today, Momma, Lil Sis and I headed out on a shopping mission: find a Mother of the Bride dress for Momma to wear to Lil Sis' wedding. We were also on the look-out for a dress for Lil E to wear as the flower girl.

(A little background. The wedding is happening in July. The bridesmaids are wearing "pool" which is basically Tiffany blue.)

We headed out to the local mall. We went to three stores and good choices at each. I think Momma tried on at least 20 dresses and had five very serious contenders.

We started at Macy's, where after trying on 5-6 dresses, we put three dresses on hold (one navy blue lacy/beaded number, a beige lace dress and a periwinkle beaded dress). (Sidenote: for being a semi-upscale place the fitting rooms at Macy's were sorely lacking, very bare, dingy and slightly dirty). After an ill-fated quest through their shoe department to look for silver shoes for me to wear at the wedding, we headed up to the little girls department. We found a really cute flower/tulley flower girl dress, but the shade of blue was just a little too green to match...

So we headed to Penney's, where we found about five dresses for Momma to try on. We found a couple of good choices for Momma (A navy blue and white rouched dress and an indigo dress with a verticle ruffle) and a really cute yellow and white lacy dress for Lil E. On our way out of Penney's we had to stop at the ICEE kiosk for a pre-lunch ICEE snack :)

At Sears we found 2 armloads full of dresses! Lil Sis also found some fetching hats, which I tried to convince her to wear as her headpiece at the wedding. After lots of, "I like it, but I liked other ones better," there were two contenders at Sears (a light pink ruffled dress and a navy blue satin). We found an adorable not-exactly-matching, but-far-enough-away-to-be-complementary blue flower girl dress. Unable to decide if the blue would work, we ended up buying both that dress and the yellow one from Penney's to compare to my bridesmaids dress and decide on a FG dress at a later date.

After reviewing all of the pics on Lil Sis' phone, Momma also decided to buy two dresses, show them off to a few more people and then decide which one to wear. She took home a to the knee, pink dress with some ruffles that angle diagonally across the dress and gather to one side (from Sears), and a navy blue, also to the knee, dress with a lacy overlay with some beads and sparkles (from Macy's). Both are great options and look beautiful on Momma! She also purchased a beautiful blue/purple number for the rehearsal dinner.

Not to be left out of all the shopping fun, Lil Sis got a bunch of cute work clothes at Maurice's (best fitting rooms of the day goes to Marice's- decorated cutely and chairs for those waiting!!) and I found some perfect silver, sparkly heels to complete my Maid of Honor ensem. I had been looking all over for these shoes I was picturing in my head and as we passed Deb to go into Payless, there they were in the window of Deb!

Overall, a very productive day! I can't wait for the big day to be here!!!

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