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26 January 2013

The Brothers Lang


Nick and Matt Lang are the masterminds behind all of Team Starkid's success. Nick and Matt (along with Brian Holden) wrote the script for the musical that started it all. They are an incredibly talented writing team, who have written all of Starkid's musicals to date.

Their stories are funny, touching and mocking, but in a loving way. They tease because they care. They weave pop culture references (Zac Efron, The Hunger Games, the new Spiderman series, Taylor Lautner, etc.) into their shows and have jokes that span the course of several shows. Joey's always wearing that sweatband, Sirius tells Harry in AVPS(taking place in Year 1) that you should never tell a girl you like her because it makes her look like an idiot, a sentiment revisted by Ron in AVPM (taking place in Year 2). In short they are geniuses!

Nick has had roles in many of their productions, where Matt prefers to stay on the production side of things.

Nick played the comatose Kevin Bushwald in Little White Lies (Starkid's first venture, a "TV show" they made), Arthur Weasley, Sorty, Scarfy and Mama Umbridge in AVPS, several different bugs in Starship, Robin in Holy Musical B@tman! and Mr. Weasley, Sorty and Scarfy in AVPSY.

Here is is in a funny video that Nick, Darren and Brian Holden made after they posted AVPM, hoping that WB wouldn't sue them for the musical. 

While Lil Sis and I were at Leaky Con we saw both Matt and Nick Lang separately during the ball Saturday night. We did not approach Matt because there was like a line of people to talk to him and he usually seems pretty shy and tries to avoid the spotlight.

After rocking out to "Total Eclipse of the Heart" we left the ballroom and headed out to our car. As we passed through the hotel, I saw a glimpse of a shortish man in a purple sweatsuit. Having seen Nick Lang onstage in said sweatsuit earlier, I pointed him out to Lil Sis. He was just hanging out in the hallway, so we went over to him. We shook his hand and told him how much we loved AVPSY. He thanked us for coming and we were like, umm no, thank you for writing such amazing musicals and sharing your genius with us. OK, that's not exactly what we said, but a toned down version of that. Then we left. One of the biggest regrets of our lives is that we did not ask him for a photo. :( But alas, we were still super stoked to have met one of the founders and masterminds behind Starkid!!!

Please watch this adorable video of some of the members of Team Starkid supporting their friend Eric Kahn Gale's book The Bully Book. Matt Lang tears up and it is so adorable (Around 28:00). Also, there is a funny part that results from the fact that Matt can't see what everyone else is doing (35:00)...

Basically they are they are amazeballs!!!!!!!!! And this is a wonderful pic of some of our favorite Starkids.

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