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06 January 2013

Jillibean's Five Weeks to Healthier Eating

I decided not to start my 5 weeks to healthier eating until I got back from vacation, because there's really no point in starting while I'm at home eating out a lot and having so many yummy temptations around the house.

I've started my five-week program twice before. Once I got all the way to week five and then found out I'd be teaching kindergarten and all bets were off for two weeks... Then I restarted and got to about week three and then it was Parent-Teacher conference week, so again, my eating habits suffered. Here I am, ready to start again.

The way it works is each week I start a new way to eat healthier and keep going with the steps from the previous weeks. I find it's easier to follow than trying to give up everything at once :) I also like calling it healthy eating, not a diet.

Week One- No eating after dinner unless you are legitimately hungry.

Week Two- Eat healthy breakfasts (that means no muffins, donuts, etc.)

Week Three- No pop, unless you are eating out.

Week Four- No eating out during the week, unless it is a salad from Martin's.

Week Five- Have at least one fruit or veggie per meal.

It's a plan pretty specifically tailored to me and my bad eating habits, but you can make up a similar plan that's tailored to you. Clearly, I also don't mind cheating in extreme circumstances and having to start the program over :) Happy Healthy Eating!

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