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23 January 2013


Joe Moses- the second best Severus Snape there is.

Joe Moses played Snape in AVPM, AVPS and AVPSY. He was an amazingly hilarious Snape. Alan Rickman plays such an amazing Snape, that clearly no one could ever do as good of a job, so Joe went the complete opposite direction. His Snape is hilarious, wacky and just plain absurd.

He also did a series of awesome interviews as Snape called Potion Mater's Corner. They were filmed during the vocal recordings of AVPS, with Joe in character as the Potion Master (aka Snape) and other members of the cast as themselves. They are hilarious!!!  Joe Walker's is especially awesome, as is Joey's. Name your favorite website, animal, band, color, store.

Joe also played Krayonder, a Starship Ranger, in Starship. It wasn't a big part, but it's nice to see him as someone other than Snape. 

Joe Moses has also been able to use his Starkid fame to launch a solo career in the form of the Joe Moses One Man Showses. These are roughly one-man sketch shows that he has performed in various locations around the country.  You can buy it on DVD from Ann Arbor T-Shirt Company. He did a show in Michigan this fall, but we were going to see Lil E and Lil C so we missed it. He's hoping to do a tour in 2013, so hopefully he'll come home to Michigan.

He also has a thing for pandas and panda hats.

Which I loved and almost bought at Leaky Con, until people started wearing them during the World Series for Pablo Sandoval... Also, being from Detroit, during the World Series, Joe totally tweeted good luck to the Tigers and stuff and he and D-Criss (a San Fran native) had a joking rivalry via twitter. Sadly, Darren was the victor in that battle. 

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