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24 January 2013

Joey Freakin' Richter

Another day, another Starkid. Today it's the adorable Joey Richter!

In AVPM and the sequel, he was Harry Potter/Darren Criss' BFF Ron Weasley:

In Me and My D***, he played Joey :)
He was the leading bug, Bug, in Starship, during the rehearsal process of which he commuted between Chicago and Ann Arbor, because he was still in school.

And of course he reprised his role of Ron for AVPSY this summer.

He has also done a couple of episodes on the Disney Channel show Jesse. He played Officer Petey and might have made Lil Sis and I watch Jesse a few times...

He's such an adorable little cutie. I love his crooked jaw :)
Also he is amazing in this "Call Me Maybe" video from Leaky Con. I watched it several times a day for like a week after Leaky...
d I love following him on twitter. He's silly and goofy and I just know we would be best friends. He once tweeted about how much he likes washing dishes (which I usually do), how it was one of those days where you wake up and hope you turned into a Newsie overnight (what? I love Newsies). 

He loves his friends and is an awesome singer.  Here's a link to his solo from AVPSY. 
It was awesome!!

And is real life friends with Darren. :) I cannot wait until he shows up on Glee on tonight!!!! Lil Sis and I imagined he and Darren freaking out together when he got the job and how excited they are to be on the same show. Hopefully he will find a way to stick around Glee :)

So excited!!!!!!! My little Starkid heart is so proud of him!!!!!!!!! He's just, just, just, just the best!!!!

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