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07 March 2010

Oscar Twitter Blog- Red Carpet

Here are all of my Oscar Tweets!! I love the Oscars, they're one of my favorite days :)

-was freakin' out cause I couldn't find TVGuide channel, but found E! :)
-Love Zac Efron and Anna Kendrick. Anna looked beautiful!!
-loves the red carpet, it's pretty much my favorite ever.
-http://twitpic.com/179546 - Hi Zac Efron :) I like when you are on my TV
-http://twitpic.com/17958o - This is me, all dressed up to watch the Oscars!
-Loves Zoe (from Avatar's) dress from about the hips up, below that... yikes!
-http://twitpic.com/1795m4 - why yes I stopped at Meijer on my way home and bought sparkling grape juice and a plastic goblet...
-I love Vera whateverhernameis from Up In the Air's dress. Fabulous!!
-Sigourney Weaver looks lovely, love the red and black.
-Sandra Bullock looks gorgeous. Her hair and make-up are stunning
-wondered why Faith Hill was there, then I saw Tim McGraw...
-Miley not lookin' so great
-not digging Sarah Jessica Parker's ensem. George Clooney!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-I think that Kathryn(sp?) Bigelow looks fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! very classy and beautiful.
- I love Stanley Tucci, i don't really know why. I can't pinpoint one film I loved him in, but I think he's great.
- I think I missed Rachel McAdams, this makes me very sad.
- Love, love, love Matt Damon. He was great in Invictus, plus I once saw him!! :)
- As much as I love George Clooney, not really diggin' the hair...
- Just saw Rachel McAdams' dress. Fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love her, so much.
-Just saw K-Stew- love it! Then they pan to Taylor Lautner- love him too!
-Uh, does not think that J-Lo is best dressed.. yuck
- I love Robert Downey Jr.'s blue bowtie.
-Hello Gerard Butler, love you!! Which reminds me that I want to watch PS I Love You tomorrow...
-would love to listen to Gerard Butler speak all night long... *sigh*
-not liking Kate Winslet's dress, usually love her fashion, but tonight not so much.
- loved Jeff Bridges in Crazy Heart, hope he wins, or George Clooney of course...
-Can't wait for the show to start.

Decided to post all my tweets during the red carpet then I'll do the ones from the show separately.

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