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18 September 2010

Hunger Games the Movie

I've been trying to compile my dream casting of the Hunger Games movie. Here's what I've come up with so far, and it is highly subject to change...

Katniss- Emma Stone, I haven't seen her as anyone's choice, but when I was thinking of who I saw as Katniss, she popped into my mind. And in this picture I think she looks perfectly Katniss. She's in the upcoming Easy A and she was in The House Bunny. Also on her imdb page it lists her as staring as Laurie Partridge in a new edition of the Partridge Family, I love the Partridge Family!! Plus I think she's pretty, but not drop dead gorgeous, which I don't think Katniss should be. Plus she looks like she could hold her own.

Peeta- I've got two options here- First, Alex Pettyfer. He's gorgeous, blond, but also looks serious, sensitive and sweet.

Choice 2- William Moseley- I know he was in Narnia, but I think he could be an excellent Peeta- He's got the hair and the looks and a goodness about him.

Gale- Again, I've got to acceptable choices- 1- Gaspard Ulliel- Very attractive, dark hair, nuff said.

2- Adam Gregory- I've never heard of him, but he looks the part. I always pictured Gale with longish (see the 2nd pic of Gaspard) or Patrick Dempseyish hair, see pic of Adam.

Prim- Elle Fanning- Pretty, innocent, perfectly Prim

Cinna- Again, I've got 2- #1- Matt Dallas of Kyle XY fame. This picture is perfectly Cinna for me.

#2- James McAvoy- Another great Cinna option.

Haymitch- Jack Black- I know lots of people are saying that Haymitch is supposed to be attractive, but I still think he'd be a good, humorous choice. Tell me this wouldn't be a good choice for Haymitch...

Effie- Kristin Chenowith- bubbly, perky, blonde, check, check, check. Plus I loved her on The West Wing, Glee and the Opera version of Candide.

There are my choices. Do you agree?

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