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07 March 2010

Oscar Tweets- ABC coverage

My tweets from the coverage on ABC- some red carpet and mostly the show.

-Maggie Gyllenhaal looks lovely, I love the blue pattern. She was great in Crazy Heart, I wish Anna could get the win, but she prob won't
-I seriously love Sandra Bullock. She looks stunning and I love that she wants to eat a burger. She seems like such a real person.
-uhh Zac Efron you are so very attractive.
-I most definitely want to see The Last Song.
-I keep expecting Matt Damon to speak with his South African accent...
-Capt. VonTrapp is looking super old.
-When Morgan Freeman talks it makes me think of those awesome Olympic commercials.
-Kathy Ireland is a horrible interviewer
-is annoyed everytime they say "Precious based on the novel by Saphire." Why? Why must we say that whole thing???
-Cameron Diaz looks fab. Love the dress, love the hair!
-I love that Kathy Ireland just used the phrase "the best of both worlds" when interviewing Miley Cyrus. Cracked me up.
-Jeremy Renner from the Hurt Locker is such a cutie. So many good male nominees this year; girls, too.
-uhh NPH?? what's this about?
-love this :) and the Twilight reference and then shot of Kristen and Taylor, too bad Rob's not there...
- Just saw the back of Maggie G's hair, so sophisticated.
-loving Steve and Alec, they're great together :)
-aww two of my favs- Zac and Taylor.
-was that James McAvoy in the clip of Capt. VonTrapp's movie. I love Mr. Tumnus!!
-forgot how much I loved The Blind Side- so good.
-umm there is going to be an Enchanted 2? It better be good.
-yay for Up!!! In my opinion the best movie of the year.
-am I the only one who is sad they are no longer perfroming all of the best songs?
-would have liked to have a Princess and the Frog song win, but liked the Crazy Heart victory too.
-awww I love you more than rainbows
-The Hurt Locker wins for best screenplay, even though it was maybe stolen from some guy's life...
-Whoa, not liking Molly Ringwald's dress... also i always picture Matthew Broderick as younger than he looks.
-wow Macauly Culkin looks just the same...
-is so glad Up is nominated for Best Picture, my fav of the year.
-the best "kids" movies appeal to adults to- Up was so definitely one of these.
-Logorama looked sort of awesome.
-"You can applause them" cute little french guy- he was pretty funny.
-who is this lady? Kanye?
-hehehe Ben Stiller as an avatar.
-Love Rachel McAdams, love her dress, don't love that Up in the Air didn't win.
-I've seen quite a few of these really amazing supporting actress noms. Great job ladies!
-Harold Wheeler- dwts conductor!!
- oh Taylor and Kristen, you were a little awkward and this horror thing is a little random, but I still love ya.
-doesn't like scary movies, so I am definitely not enjoying this. I love how they tried to put a Twilight scene in with the Horror clips.
- just got a comment posted on ew.com's live blog "love how they threw that Twilight clip in there... not really horror."
-Sandy Bullock just used the word mishagosh. This makes me very excited because it reminds me of Lizzie Maguire :)
-I think J-Lo's dress looks like it is made out of popped bubble wrap.
-uhh we dropped the song performances, but we add random dancing to the score nominees.. not impressed.
-Yay Up has great music :)
-thinks that it is super adorable the guy who did Up's music is wearing an "Ellie Award" the grape pop top pin from the movie. Love it!
-Matt Damon!! "The first time a screenwriter has gotten any action." hehe
-isn't it a little late in the evening for boring categories...
-love the shot of Baldwin and Martin in a Snuggie :)
-aww I love Jeff Bridges and George's intros- so sweet.
-would love George Clooney as an upset...
-but happy for Jeff Bridges, his performance was fabulous!!! much deserved.
- I love that Jeff Bridges has three daughters. I love families with three girls :)
- let me say again how much I love Stanley Tucci!!
-yayayayayayayayayay! Congrats to Sandra Bullock!!
-beautiful speech
-Sandra's speech brought tears to my eyes. She's lovely inside and out.
-I love how they're all like will it be the first African-American, will it be the first woman, or will it just be a random white guy...
-Congrats to Kathryn Bigelow!
-umm hi birthday buddy, Tom Hanks! Love you!
-loves it when I've seen the Best Picture, congrats to the Hurt Locker- good movie.
-night all.

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  1. laughing out loud about you thinking Mat Damon should speak in a south african accent. I love Sandra Bullock though.. she is amazing!


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