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13 September 2010

Baseball and Movie

Was Saturday Heaven? No, it was Daddy's birthday celebration- Detroit Tigers baseball and movie. The Tigers had this awesome promotion this weekend, a 4:00 showing of Field of Dreams at the Fox Theater followed by the Tigers vs. Orioles game at 7:00. We were so excited because we love Field of Dreams, so bad! And we love the Tigers! And it was Daddy's birthday!! Perfect.

So we headed downtown in the early afternoon and hung out at the Fox Theater for about 1 1/2 hrs before the movie started. It is soooooooooooooo gorgeous. It was originally built in 1928ish and refurbished in 1988. It is amazing. Lil Sis took some pics, but I didn't have my camera, so I'll have to make do with these pics I found online.

This is the view from outside at night. Beautiful! And this is right across the street from Comerica Park, where the Tigers play.

This is inside the amazingspice entryway/lobby area. So Gorgeous.

Inside the Theater. I think this angle is from the balcony.
Everything is so intricate and shiny. We found an elephant, horses, flowers, butterflies, human faces and figures. Absolutely Amazing.

The whole theater.
We've been to the Fox twice before, once to see White Christmas and once to see the Rockettes, but we were still blown away by the beauty!

The bathroom was downstairs and kinda creepy... And they let you eat inside the theater. We were shocked. Someone had nachos...

About half an hour before the movie started this arose from underneath the stage... An organ! This guy played music on the pipe organ until the movie was ready to start. He played lots of popularish music, the Star Wars theme, Phantom of the Opera, etc. and ended with Take Me Out to the Ballgame!

The movie was loads of fun. It was really cool to watch Field of Dreams up on the big screen with lots of people. People laughed and gasped and quoted famous lines. So perfect! We love this movie so much! But that is for another post...

After the movie we met up with an aunt and uncle and headed across the street to the ballgame. It was raining, so we ate inside at one of the restaurants, watched the U of M game and waited for the rain to stop. The game started about half an hour late, but the rain had stopped. Sadly the Tigers lost, but it was a pretty good game and a great way to celebrate Daddy's birthday!!

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