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12 September 2010

Camp Rock 2

Last weekend, while we were visiting Big Sis, Lil Sis and I set our DVR to record Camp Rock 2, because we love us some DCOMs. When we returned home Sunday night, we first watched the original Camp Rock, because we didn't really remember much about it. Oh Kevin and his birdhouses.

Then we switched to the DVR of CR2. We're watching away, laughing, grooving, etc. until the middle of Camp Rock's Final Jam musical number "What We Came Here For" when our recording ends!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! What the heck? How does Disney Channel not know how long their movie is going to be? This isn't a live event, they know how long it would be and should schedule their guide accordingly. But no matter how much we complained, we didn't get to see the end. :(

Lil Sis was very disappointed and so we watched the Uncle Ernesto episode of WoWP to cheer her up. "I'm going to ask [the future telling chicken] if I'm ever going to be able to pull of skinny jeans." "Do you distract a chicken dance." We laughed a lot and set the DVR for Tuesday night when CR2 was on again and then set the recording for the next show too...

Which we finally got to watch last night. This time the regular DVR recording made it to about five minutes until the end of the movie, up until partway through the final song, at which point we switched over to the next show and watched the end. Finally! It was worth the wait, I guess. :)

Lil Sis's prediction: At the Final Jam, the two camps come together and neither wins.
Jillibean's prediction: Camp Star will win, but Camp Rock will be the real winners because they had more fun.

Jillibean reigns victorious!!

I liked that Nick and Kevin Jonas were in CR2 more than the original, although Joe is my favorite. I like that Kevin's obsession with birdhouses continued and that the Junior Rockers made him a sweet birdhouse at the end. I loved Nick's song where he told all kinds of weird things about himself. "I like it when the moon looks like a toenail"... Here's a link cause I don't really know how to post a video... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jqKyaGWPd5A&feature=related

Also, all of the Jobros look much better in CR2, than CR Uh, Joe and Kevin look so gross/creeperspice.
Here are they are CR2 style, much, much better.

There was a bit too much slow mo when the winner of the Final Jam was announced for Lil Sis and my liking, but overall we enjoyed CR2 once we were finally able to watch it all...

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