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06 October 2010

Busta Rhymes

My list of Tigers boyfriends is in a state of constant transformation. As of today Brennan Boesch is off and Busta is in. Brennan Boesch turned out to be more of a crush on a guy who was rocking. He's no longer rocking so the crush is over. Sorry Brennan! Plus you sort of looked like a leprechaun, which at first was endearing, but now is just weird...

Also here is a shot of him picking his nose on TV not OK.

But filling his position will be Will "Busta" Rhymes. Lil Sis doesn't really get Momma and my love for Busta who was called up partway through this year. Here are some reasons we love him:

He has a twitter. Follow him! I love following him on Twitter because it makes me feel like we're BFFs, even though we're not.

He's short. I'm not sure what he's listed at, but he's probably shorter than that. Here he is next to his teammates.

His first big league homer had to be reviewed to see if it was a homer or a triple. When it was ruled a HR. Johnny Damon gave him this high five. Hilarious!

Then he got into the dugout and everyone ignored him. Instead of making a fuss they pretended like it was no big thang, which it was. Then like 30 seconds later they jumped all over him... :) Such a fun baseball tradition :) Here's a video of it.

This mobbing caused his fabulously curly locks to become mussed. I love baseball players, and most men really, with flowing, curly hair (see my love of Magglio) Busta has some beautiful curls!

Momma nicknamed him Busta since his last name is Rhymes and we are clearly fans of Busta Rhymes. Not, but it's a good nickname :)

Daddy likes him because he longs for the day when his picture is taken with Phil Coke and the caption reads, "Will Rhymes with Phil." Because Daddy is corny like that.

So here's hoping that Busta earns the Tigers second base job in Spring Training 2011!

Updated List of Tiger Boyfriends:
1) Porch aka Rick Porcello
2)Busta aka Will Rhymes
3) Truckie aka Phil Coke
4) Ry Ry Jr. aka Ryan Perry

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