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04 October 2010

Johnny D, you will be missed!

Dear Johnny D,

We really enjoyed having you as a Tiger this year!

We loved your Mohawk, that you inspired a Tiger Mohawk trend and that you kept your Mohawk all year!

We loved your high socks!!!

We loved the fluffy customized robes you bought for every single Tigers player.

We loved what a good teammate you were!!

We loved your weird speech thing, not really a lisp, but very endearing. Here's a link to an interview where you can hear it. Love it! http://www.foxsportsdetroit.com/pages/video?PID=mjhbY3j7NdmB_r3BAOR6HqDMt3thlvQ0

We loved when you hit walk-off homeruns!

We loved you because you made fun of Busta being short after his first big league HR.

We loved you because you wanted to be here and you didn't want to go back to Boston. We loved you because you said you liked being in Detroit and you wanted to stay here.
Sorry we didn't honor that loyalty with a contract for next year. Best of luck!!

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