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02 October 2010

Tailgating Adventures

Momma and Daddy and I headed up to visit Lil Sis at college this weekend. We also went up to see a football game. Momma and Daddy attended Lil Sis's university themselves, so they love going back for football games. I tagged along cause I haven't seen Lil Sis in like a month!! Far too long.

Before the game, we tailgated in the parking lot with Lil Sis's BF- Kev. I love hanging out with Kev and the fam of course :)
Momma made delicious brownies! They were amazingspice!

I love my little sister!! We're such weirdos. But we're nice weirdos to have around. And we're weirdos who get each other, which is truly a gift from God, because if we didn't get each other, who would?

When I went to get a pop out of the cooler, I grabbed an Orange Faygo. Yum! Um, hi look at the size of this can! Huge!

Then we grilled up some hot dogs. After Lil Sis and I had each eaten one, we were still a little hungry, but not super hungry. So Lil Sis asked if I wanted to split a hot dog. I replied, "Sure, we can eat it from two sides, like Lady and the Tramp." Lil Sis did not hear me because she didn't react at all and started getting a bun. Then like a minute later, she said, "Wait, what?" Oh yes we did!

And then we cracked up.

It was pretty cold out and super duper windy, so we were all bundled up and trying to find ways to stay warm...

Some people took refuge in the warm car... Caught ya Momma and Lil Sis!!

Then we got to the actual game! It wasn't quite as cold, cause we were out of the wind :)

The marching band was joined by some local high school bands performing Journey! They did Any Way You Want It, Don't Stop Believin' and Open Arms. We were hoping they did Faithfully, which would have been the Glee trifecta, but it was still good.
The football team lost...
But we still had fun! Plus we got to spend the day with Lil Sis and Kev. Good times.

Also afterwards we ate at Ruby Tuesday. Their Parmesan Chicken Pasta is the best ever!!! So good!!!

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