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02 October 2010

Is Grateful For...Disney Channel Nights

This Friday (or early Saturday morning) I'm grateful for.. Disney Channel Nights with Lil Sis.

This summer we got hooked on Wizards of Waverly Place. For most of the summer it was on at 11:00 and 11:30 pm. My parents would go to bed around 11 and Lil Sis and I would stay up and watch Wizards for an hour.

It was such fun. We're such dorks and think Wizards is hilarious. I love that Alex (the sister) is the troublemaker and Justin (the older brother) is the studious, well-behaved child. Then there's Max, (the youngest brother) who is just all around hilarious. Love him. He is so random and crazy. In the Uncle Ernesto episode when he did his "Distract a Chicken Dance" I about died laughing, even though I was watching it by myself. When Lil Sis and I watched it together later, we both cracked up. Then there's Harper (the friend) who is ridiculous in a fabulous way.

We had such a great time smiling and laughing and enjoying Sister Time! We didn't get a lot of Sister Time during the summer since we both worked most weekdays all day. :( Which meant not a lot of Sister Swimming or Tennis Playing or Chilling Time. So we really enjoyed our Nightly Disney Channel sessions :)

Towards the end of summer, Disney started switching the eleven o'clock show, some weeks Wizards, sometimes Sonny, sometimes Hannah Montana, sometimes Suite Life. We'd watch all of these, but Wizards is our fav, so we were sad when it wasn't always the 11:00 show. Usually we'd just tape a couple of Wizards during the day and watch them at night :) Cause we're dorks like that. Plus sometimes Jonas L.A. would be on at eleven and that was not OK, because we don't watch Jonas L.A...

Now that Lil Sis is off to school and I've been going to bed early every night, I haven't gotten to watch Disney Channel Nights much. Tonight I'm watching Wizards and missing Lil Sis and our nightly TV bonding time, but I get to see Lil Sis tomorrow!!!! Huzzah! Heavens to Everwood!!!

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