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I am a twenty-something second year teacher living in the midwest. I am a Christian woman and proud of it! I am the middle child of three girls. I am the proud aunt of the very beautiful Lil E and Lil C!! I love TV, movies, reading, and baseball. I am in my second year of teaching , but my first year teaching kindergarten. It has been quite the journey!

31 October 2010

Jillibean's Halloweens

I was inspired by Lauren's look into Halloween's past so I created one of my own:)

My first Halloween! All three Bean girls were Detroit Tigers players our first Halloweens :D

A little bunny rabbit :) I think this is the Halloween I was 1.

Wasn't I a darling little ghostie?

My mom made these rockin' dino costumes! They were refashioned somewhere down the road into Baby Bop costumes, but no photographic evidence of this could be found... These were great costumes also because they allowed us to be very bundled up underneath them, great for cold Michigan Octobers!!

This is one of my favorite pictures ever!!! Lil Sis being scared into dropping her beloved Daddy Baby because she was so scared of our dino masks or pretending to be scared of them...

Carving pumpkins with Daddy's help.

Wasn't Lil Sis the cutest Pebbles ever? Momma made this one too!

My first grade class! I love that someone was a peacock.

I was a princess. This night unfortunately it was cold and rainy, meaning I had to wear my white boots. My pretty red dress ran and turned my boots pink...

Another adorablspice pic of Lil Sis, she was seriously the cutest thing ever (still is :)

Sisters and their pumpkins

Second grade Jillibean is very excited/ disgusted about cleaning the guts out of her pumpkin.

My all-time favorite homemade costume and top two costumes overall- the Tooth fairy. I wore Megan's hand-me-down gypsy skirt, a white blouse, fairy wings, a crown, a wand with a tooth at the top instead of star and a little purse shaped like a tooth for collecting teeth. It was pretty epic.

Possibly my favorite costume ever!! My Belle dress. This was one of my very few store bought costumes and I loved it, still do. Tried to fit into it once in high school, not a pretty sight...

I can't really explain what's happening in this one... childhood excitement?

Circa fourth grade- not one of my favorite costumes, but my bff and I were both scarecrows, so what can you do?
Doesn't Lil Sis look adorablespice in my old Belle costume?

Fifth grade (aka 1998, aka the height of my figure skating obsession)

In case you're wondering, yes I did have a pair of figure skates that I wore over my shoulder while I trick-or-treated.

Who knows what happened to the pictures of Halloween from two years in middle school... But I am very sad to discover that there are no photos of me as Inspector Gadget, because that was definitely in my top three favorite costumes... I wore a trench coat and a slinky on my arm as go-go gadget arms and a hat with a claw or something on it. Awesomespice.

This is the only year in memory that all three of us coordinated our costumes. We were an Harry Potter trio. I was Harry, Amy was Hermione and Megan was Sir Nicholas DeMimsy Porpington (aka Nearly Headless Nick) Pretty fun stuff.

Why yes, I'm wearing Harry Potter glasses over my own.

This was our last year with all three sisters home, before Big Sis left for college...

I was supposed to be Juliet... One of my few store bought costumes and one of my least favorites.

These are from my last year trick-or-treating. I was a doctor. Lil Sis was a witch. Her hat blew off at one point during the night, we never caught up to it.

Our rockin' pumpkins

Pretty much sums up our relationship

This is from my junior year in high school, the first year my parents wouldn't let me trick or treat. So Lil Sis and I had a Halloween Party instead. Here I am dressed up like a Princess, eating donuts off a string with my friend Jenni, who was a marshamallow.

Lil Sis keeps our pumpkins company. Lil Sis made a rockin' Olde English D. I made the crazy face on the really tall skinny pumpkin and Mom and Dad made the Brandon Inge inspired one. Normal's overrated :) I have no idea what I dressed up as this Halloween...

Freshman Year of College- I was a Tigers player :)

Me as Gabriella Montez from HSM my sophomore year of college. I passed out candy to kids at a local church. So much fun!

Junior year I visited my friend D in K-zoo for Halloween. She was Miss Scarlet (we were going to a Clue inspired party) and I was Magglio Ordonez.

My roomies and I made a French Jack-0-Lantern.

Little kids came trick-or-treating at our apartment senior year. My roomie L was a princess and I was a witch.

This year I'm being Belle again, as Momma followed through on her promise to make me a Belle costume when I became a teacher. :)

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