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I am a twenty-something second year teacher living in the midwest. I am a Christian woman and proud of it! I am the middle child of three girls. I am the proud aunt of the very beautiful Lil E and Lil C!! I love TV, movies, reading, and baseball. I am in my second year of teaching , but my first year teaching kindergarten. It has been quite the journey!

08 December 2010

Day 5

A picture of your favorite memory

Hmm this is a very tough one, how do I pick my very favoritest memory? There are so many great ones in my life. Here is one picture of one of my favorite times, but honestly, a lot of my favorite memories are doing silly, crazy things with my sisters which we are lucky enough that there are no pictures of...

Ireland! I have so many great memories of my study abroad trip, but Ireland was definitely my favorite.

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